Friday, 21 October 2011

Halloween is coming.................

Hello everyone! Halloween is nearly here! I love this season! In the spirit of this (and having to work from my phone with computer problems!) I have set up a facebook page of my photographs and gift ware, including Halloween photography!

To view please click here! If you enjoyed viewing could you click the like button on there for me? I would really appreciate it!

I feel foolish to say it, but I was lost without the computer,and was overjoyed to find I could upload photos on here again and actually go on other blogs! I really miss you guys!

In the meantime, I read a lot a lot of books,

Said hello to our neighbours, the birds,

and watched ghostly cruises sail by our window!

That was amazing! Oh my goodness, now that i am finally back, I don't know what to say! (very unlike me!) I just hope everyone is doing well, and now I can actually go and find out for myself! I will pop in and see you soon!

Take care and bye for now!


Cindy said...

Always nice to see you back here Claire. glad you are well. love your header. hugs.

Holly said...

YAY! You are back!!!!!