Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hello again!

Hello there everybody! Well, I have not been around very much these days and can now tell you why. A few months ago, Big fella and I were having a "meeting" about money and ways to save, as a lot of you know, times are getting tough! (When I say meeting, I mean me freaking out and Big fella making everything better by buying lots of sweets.) We were struggling and we had to tighten our belts. So, we started making a few changes. One of them being changing our Internet connection company for a better deal. This went swimmingly and within a few days we were connected and dreamed of saving those few pounds and feeling quite smug with ourselves. Only we didn't stay connected. Everything would work brilliantly for at least two minutes and then Bam! No connection. It was infuriating. After months of numerous phone calls and going over the same thing over and over it all got sorted recently and now fingers crossed we stay connected!! We still have no money but, hey we are connected! Can a get a Whoohooooo????

So whats a girl to do when she ain't buried in the world of cyberspace?

Well, going for lovely sunshine walks around the neighbourhood, loving the seasons change

expanding on my knitting with borrowing a lovely knitting book from a lovely friend

watching sunlight reveal nature's artwork

even on a rainy day

and having lots of fun with good friends!

Ohhh and something quite exciting is happening, I am taking part in a group exhibition with some pieces of my photography! The opening is this week and I am super nervous! I just hope people like them! If not, I have some Christmas presents sorted, hehe!

Either way, I am just so grateful to the wonderful city of Liverpool for helping a wee dream become a reality!

I heart this city and it is lovely to be back!!

Toddle pip!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love your knitted purse -- very cute! Good luck with your photo exhibit!

Eklektikos, Mind Body Spirit Healing said...

We are all having to look at waste to save :) Good luck with your show,Tohi

Holly said...

I miss you...please post again soon.