Monday, 7 November 2011

November days, November nights.

One morning I went for a wee walk around the neighbourhood, to see the fallen leaves before the winter winds blow them away.

Carpets of leaves covered the footpath

and winter sunlight streamed through.

Trees puffed up proud with their golden coat of arms.
As the sun set on this beautiful day,

Big Fella and I set out into the darkness to see the magic light of a fireworks display

Fairy dust filled the skies
and neon hearts appeared through my camera

and the swans in lake huddled together, to catch the explosion of lights.

Perfect days, days like this.


Judy said...

Great way to spend a day...

Anonymous said...

I love the street photo, well, I love all of them, but especially that one - magical post as always! x

Elisabeth said...

I'm new here from Australia. Your photos are wonderful especially the fireworks.

Dede said...

Oh Claire the fireworks are so pretty, but the leaves are gorgeous! Have missed you! Hope you and Big Fella are doing well! Wishing you an awesome weekend!