Friday, 6 April 2012

Away with the Circus!

Big Fella and I went to the circus! Oh it was wonderful and exciting, and it was nice for us to go somewhere together, somewhere completely different! As soon as we walked through the arched canvas, we were transformed to dreamlike surroundings, circular space and anticipation!

Armed with drinks, popcorn and Marge Simpson style candy floss, the show began!
We were bedazzled by somersaulting troupes flying through the air!
Amazing edge of your seat sights!

A cheeky clown!

and beautiful ladies twirling metallic hoops!

It was otherworldly, fantastic experience!

The trapeze artist was amazing, and after taking trapeze classes last year,I know it is not easy at all! 

Making it look so easy flying through the air, such talent!
 a fantastic time all round!
 All to soon the show was over and as we walked away, I turned around to say goodbye one last time and a beautiful moon shone down, a magical end to a magical night!
Next time i will definitely run away with the circus, next time.....................

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