Wednesday, 17 August 2011

This week........

Hello all! How are we all? Doing good I hope! Goodness, it is August and soon to be September! I get all giddy around this time, thinking about school supplies and fresh crisp notebooks and of course, the beautiful change in season where the sun retreats and the moon shines on the falling golden leaves soon to be swept away by the winter winds! Ooh I am getting carried away as usual, so i will just shut up and give you a wee update on what we have been up to recently! ( Riveting, I know.)

Of course, many of you have heard of the recent rioting here in Liverpool and other parts of the UK. Shocking, frightening, mindless and the saddest thing is, those who took part were wrecking their own community.

Oh the irony. But the strength of the people in this city is much stronger and it will not bring this wonderful place down. Onwards and upwards.

Big fella and I went up to the airport and went to see the planes coming in.

There were all kinds, from wee ones,

and big ones too!

NEEEGGGGGUUUUOOOOMMMMMMMM! I love making airplane noises, prefer not to actually be on one.

I recently found a long lost trinket Big fella bought me years ago and as it twinkled in the sunlight

it in inspired me to make this!

(People are gonna be getting a lotta bookmarks for Christmas!)

On a sadder note, I was mugged one morning on my way to work.

By this fellow.

Yes, that is my piece of toast, from my hand, in that seagulls beak, scoffing it in front of me and (I swear) winking at me and flying away.

But my spirits were soon lifted by visiting a wonderful new friend. Isn't he just beautiful?

As I oohed and ahhed over handsome horsey I spoke aloud and told Big fella I planned to jump on my new friends back and ride off into the sunset to find a gypsy caravan to live life in.

Big fella got quite upset as I forgot to add him in my daydream (oops!) and no amount of " you are much better looking than horsey and more majestic!" would do. In the end I won him round when he smelt the zingy sweet smell of homemade lemon meringue pie cooling fresh from the oven!

Of course, it solves all dilemmas in this household! I got the recipe from a childhood friend who continues to give me the best cookery and baking tips! I will share it with you soon! It is so lush!

All the best!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Don't let that bloody thieving seagull anywhere near that lemon meringue pie!

Cindy said...

Hi Claire, glad you have been doing well, lemon meringue is my hubbys favorite. I have never made him one, but I think it would smooth things over here too. sending you a big hug.

Gemel said...

I love the lost trinket box, beautiful.
And it was lovely to see and hear about life in lovely England, despite the riots, still the gentlest place on Earth ♥

Gemel said...

I love the lost trinket box, beautiful.
And it was lovely to see and hear about life in lovely England, despite the riots, still the gentlest place on Earth ♥

Judy said...

Heard about the riots, but not sure why they rioted...

Watch those gulls...they'll take your finger as well as your toast...

Anonymous said...

What a cheeky seagull! Beautiful charm, and I love the bookmark. I might have to get out my knitting needles now! (love the airplane noises, lol)

Sarah Sullivan said...

LOL Claire...mugged by a seagull!! May I please have a piece of that pie..while you and I go wandering in that gypsy caravan. I can just see us hooking up that beautiful horsey and off we go! You can tell your big fella..and I will tell mine. They can only come if they promise to build the fires and dance around with us!! Cause..well that would be fun!
I will bring Lucy Lu and Prince William (the cat) and you can bring Wee doggie!! We will have a hoot!
Hugs, Sarah

Lemon said...

there is so much goodness in this blog post! I especially liked your naughty seagull-mugger and the red (knit? crocheted?) heart. lovely blog!