Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Reading the Clouds in the Sky

Hello there! I read in a newspaper today of a face in the clouds that has caused panic in a the town of Rapid falls in Canada. Which made me think, lots of clouds have been visiting me, leaving messages in the sky such as,
A Camel Crossing
Miss Piggy
Bunny Ears
Scary smiling face
Pacman eating the sun
Every cloud has a silver lining
Curly Haired Lady
Roman nose and cheeky tongue
Curly Haired Lady (again) chasing clouds
Angels holding hands


I hope all is well and I will be back soon!!


Anonymous said...

Claire, that was so much fun! I also take a lot of pictures of clouds, though I am NOT the Canadian from Rapid Falls. And I also love to "see" what the clouds have to say. So much fun. Thank you for this!

Hope all is well with you and the Big Fella.

Cindy said...

Claire your photos are awesome. I like looking at clouds too and finding different shapes. hug to you.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good thing you don't live in Rapid Falls, then! I like the angels holding hands.

Sarah Sullivan said...

Oh My Claire...wowowza..these are stunning.seriously I can't tell you which I love the best! My grandmother sat me down and showed me how to find pictures in the clouds as a very young child. She was a very artistic soul my Grammy! I do it still..beautiful hon..beautiful!
Love, Sarah

Anonymous said...

I love your cloud pics! I think my favourite is the angels. xx (made your wheaten bread again today - yummy)