Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hello everyone!

Hello there everyone! It's so good to be here! I have been have terrible trouble with my faithful wee blog, it is not been working well for ages and this is the first time it has let me stay here without cutting off in about three minutes! Sigh. But I can not give up on it and precious wee moments like this are rare. I miss everyone, I really do, so I was humming and ahhhing over making a new blog. But I am persevering with this one for now. We will work it out. Considering at times it has caused me to let out a rapture like scream and just stopping from throwing the computer out the window, we will have to.

Anyway, we have been plodding along over here, with summer on our fingertips and sunshine days, I have been pot planting and filling the windows sills. We have been on the waiting list for an allotment garden patch for two years. Yes, TWO! But this wee place is like a greenhouse

and I so enjoy watching them grow and progress.

I have been doing some baking in preparation for a tea party

Yes, it is that time of year again over at A fanciful twist for the annual Mad Hatters tea party! This is a fantastic event and I will send you out invitation towards the fun time! Wee doggie will be there and he can not wait to take you to the tea party! (He is also hoping that this wee blog works that day!) Please click on the picture on my left hand sidebar to take you over to A fanciful twist! You will not be disappointed!!

I have been trying to find new discoveries and I found one!

The other day I was stalking this new place I stumbled upon, From moon to moon. I. LOVE. THIS. BLOG. Please check it out for wonderful whimsy bohemian like ways here.
On the blog, I noticed a gorgeous photograph of a cafe in Budapest and they had heart shaped sugar cubes! How lovely i thought and I do like some sugar in my tea. So i wanted to make them. You just add some water to sugar and set. Unfortunately my shapes were too big, have too much sugar and were sickly sweet, but with a bit of modifying, i will make them again. I might just bring some to the tea party.

On my travels I seemed to collect quite a selection of wool so I have also been knitting away, from wee phone covers

to long scarves.

Big fella says he can always tell when i am knitting because he can here the click click of the needles as he comes up the stairs!

I have been health conscious recently and joined our local swimming pool. I was a wee water baby growing up and loved having swimming races with my dad at weekends. I even have a lifeguard qualification. But as the years rolled by, I slowly stopped and swimming faded into the background of my life. So I decided to get back in the water. After hunting out my swim suit from "it will never fit again, but I'm keeping it" drawer, I signed up and inwardly prayed that my swimsuit would not burst apart as soon as I walked to the poolside. Thankfully my prayers were answered and it was a OK. My plan was in my rose tinted mind, to swimming everyday for half an hour working upwards each time. Well, on my first day, I looked at the clock stating 5.00pm. Right I thought, I will swim lengths until 5.30pm, get home and cook Big fella a nice meal.

By 5.07pm I was dying to get out of the pool and collapse, it was hard work! I got home curled up on the couch and slept and big fella went hungry. So yes, it is a work in slow progress.

Ah well, that's all from this neck of the woods! Hope to pop by today and leave many a comment if wee blog will let me, if not know I am thinking of you!

Toddle Pip!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Lovely to hear from you! Your swimming story made me LOL. And I'm looking forward to your Mad Tea Party contribution.

Sarah Sullivan said...

Morning Claire!! I understand about the blogging. No problems with mine..just too much to get done in a day. With Jim gone..I am basically a single parent and can't seem to get it all done in a week...much less a day!
I look forward to your tea party every year..such fun. Wee doggie always leads us somewhere fun and magical!
I have not been knitting a whole bunch..but sewing little fun!
I have garden guilt now...two should live next to me..I have a whole yard waiting for gardening..sigh LOL!!
Hugs to you my friend, Sarah
Oh..come by my giveaway hon:)

Anonymous said...

Wow - a post from clairedulalune! Yippee! Love the phone holder and you did make me laugh with the swimming! Poor big fella! haha. The sugar hearts are gorgeous xx

Dede said...

Goodness Claire, it has been ages since you have posted. You have been missed along with your "stories" with wee dog. I sure hope you get your patch of a garden soon, you will love it. How are things going at the job anything new?
Don't be a stranger.....

Cindy said...

GLad your back. you sound wonderful, good for you for going back to swimming. ...I am sure my bathing suit, would have just blown up from being stretched so still trying. your blog looks great. hugs.

Unknown said...

Glad to see you back, seems you have been quite busy. And swimming, yes, I also was crazy mad about swimming when I was younger, was on the swim team and all, just loved it. But I probably couldn't swim 2 laps without collapsing today.
Enjoy your tea party.