Monday, 2 May 2011

What a lovely day for May!

Hello there everyone! Well, May has begun and how are we all? Wowsa, isn't time flying by?

I have been going a bit creative crazy at the moment, must be the weather! I have been doing more drawings,

Midnight Scrying


Making felt hearts

Going terrarium mad frankly,

I am making more photography cards,

and after failing to squeeze myself into my one time favourite pair of jeans, I admitted defeat and made them into a tote bag!

So now, I have all this stuff overtaking the place, literally and unfortunately I can not sell my terrariums abroad on Esty with plant law or something like that, so I have just a applied to set up a stall in our local fair this summer!

Ekkkkkk! Very excited, so we will see what happens!

Now the biggest date of the year had arrived (not the Royal wedding, but ohhh wasn't it lovely? It reminded me of Lord of the Rings!))

It was my birthday! hurrah! I did it in style and myself and my two other mad Irish girls went and discovered the lovely city of Portugal in the Algarve! Ohhhhhh, ahhhhhh! Look!

We left the men at home and we had a ball!

I would show you some more pictures, but I want to leave what is, but a thread of dignity left, I thank you!

Those cocktails are lethal!

Let me give you an example: On my birthday staying in the holiday resort were a large Rubgy group of men in the bar causing a hell of a riotious racket, enjoying themselves to say the least. I thought that is would be rude not to join them, and besides it was happy hour with cocktails a favourite of mine. Two hours later, I was up on the stage Screaming out Bonnie Tylers etrenal hit " I need a hero" with all the rugby boys doing backup vocals and dance moves behind me. Or so my two friends told me. They were laughing so much they forgot to take a photo! Legendary moments only I can't remember! They were nice gents and thank you for taking care of us and for a brilliant night! Or what I recall of it!

I came back to find Big Fella still has his allergic reaction to cleaning products, and bills stacked high! Its good to be home! I did miss him!

Amongst those bills I found a note from wee doggie with a photo attached stating that I must put it up on here to see how handsome he looks. Written on the back of the photograph states simply "Magnum pose"

Back to normally resumes and the world turns!
Bye for now!


Tracey said...

Blimey you are a busy bee xx.. I love the jeans bag, wish i could sew :(

Cindy said...

Happy Blated birthday, sounds like you know how to party. Those terariums are awesome...I think you will do very well with those. I love the little houses you have in the one you showed. Your artwork is awesome too. I think you have taken it to a higher level. wonderful. and wee doggie, what a poser. I was so glad to have you come and visit, glad you are well, hugs to you dear friend.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad you had such a memorable birthday! Many more! And good luck with your terrariums -- may they sell well at your stall!

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Happy Belated birthday ;)

Unknown said...

You really make me laugh. It was good and very polite of you to join in with the rugby boys, and by the way, happy belated birthday to you.
Love your drawings. Hope all is well, sounds like it is.

Bella Sinclair said...

CLAIRRRRRRRRE! Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, lovely girl! Happy, happy birthday! Sounds like a blast of a getaway! And your drawings are wonderful! I gasped at the beautiful web of lines in the one with the sun and moon, especially. Gorgeous works. And your terrarium is gorgeous! It's a tiny enchanted world in there! I'm so excited to hear that you will be selling them!

My, doesn't Wee Doggie look striking!

Happy May!

Anonymous said...

I adore everything you make; you are one talented girly! Each of those drawings must have taken hours! And the bag, lol, you'd have to be a funny shape to fit in it now, that's for sure. Glad you had a great birthday ;) Doggy looks fantastic - I must take the clippers to Archie one of these days. xx

Holly said...

Claire...I miss you. Nuff said!