Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mighty Mouse.

I have not been about much, but as Spring is budding, I am grateful for lovely sunlit days, recharging my batteries and waken me up again. I have taken the term hibernation to another level this winter. I like to think it is the cold sad weather that is making me procrastinate and staying indoors when I know deep down it could well be an excuse for sheer laziness.
(In my defense, Judge Judy is now on for a triple bill on telly and it would be rude not to. The lady keeps me in check and helps me frighten Big Fella, by shouting "Get outta my court room!" to solve disputes and spats.)

But on the night of the super moon, it lit up the sky in the early hours of the morning and the earth was stirring and so must I. In wake of the recent horrible tragedy still unfolding in Japan, my thoughts are with the people and land. It makes me thankful for everything I have and hold.

Well, first of all I have to give you all a huge thank you to you all for your kind thoughts and wishes about the job situation and I thank my lucky stars as well as I just received a letter stating I start a new job next week and it is the beginning of a brand new adventure! I know your positive thoughts certainly helped so again, I thank you! I am truly blessed! So with a very full diary,
The kiddies I work with call this my "Spell book!"

my days (and weekends! eek!) are going to be hectic, but I love a challenge so
I can't wait! I like being a busy bee!

Now on to important announcements. Big fella and I have a situation. A mouse situation. Yep, I said it. It has been emotional to say the least. Let me take you back to that fateful day of my first meeting with our new lodger.

I decided to make myself one last cup of coffee I knew I would regret at 10pm one evening, opened the kitchen door and saw something scuttle across the floor. Next thing I know I am in the bedroom standing on top of the bed ringing Big fella telling him that a otter (I was very distressed at the time) was in our kitchen and how the hell was I gonna get the coffee and wanted more than ever. Some smelling salts on the side as well, if you please!
Of course being the ever practical man, Big fella told me not to be silly, I saw things, I (and I only) clean all the time and we lived in a top floor flat and it was not possible. This calmed me and annoyed me all the same time,(because I was right) so I told myself he was right, just to calm my self mind, but I would not go back in the kitchen.

There was uneasy rest with me the next couple of days. Big fella checked everything out to confirm and could not find any evidence of a mouse or Otter as I was still claiming. I had a early night and decided to have a read of a good book in bed when the mouse made his second appearance. In the bedroom. After letting go a scream that only dogs could hear, big fella saw it too and proceeded to lift and turn over every furniture piece in the fruitless task of trying to catch it while I rocked back and forth on the living room floor howling. Did I mention we had a mouse in the house? Quite the night.

Things could not continue, so after telling the land lady, big fella said he would take care of the situation and put down mouse traps. The snappy kind. I did not want this either though, as although it did frighten me and did not welcome thought of it running all over our house, getting married, having babies..............sorry, even the thought causes me to black out, I did not want it to be killed. I just wanted it to live somewhere else.

Needless to say, despite mouse traps everywhere (one which nearly took of my toe one sleepy morning!) the mouse seemed to do frog leaps over them and must of used them as press benches, as evidence was still being found of, shall we say mouse activity and the traps were not set off expect for my toes.

We could not live like this any longer, as I was beginning to come into the house doing what I can only describe as doing a mad Spanish like dance, clapping my hands and shouting "AYE! AYE! AYE!" In case he was waiting to greet me and frighten that pants of me.With my eyes darting about, I was bleaching everywhere, vacuuming packing everything and clearing up mouse poop! No good at all!

So I took to the Internet for a solution once and for all. After extensive research, (love ya google)I found the perfect solution. Mice detest the smell of mint. Apparently if you put cotton balls dipped in peppermint essential oil and place around your home, the mouse, having a strong sense of smell, will soon find a better mint free place to crash. Eureka!!

Just like that, I searched my faithful shelf of essential oils and grabbed the peppermint bottle and dowsed it all over the rooms crying "The power of Christ compels you!" I didn't have time for dainty cotton balls. That mouse and perhaps his family had to go!

You know what? I think it worked! No more droppings, or having the feeling that something it in the room with you, and no more rocking back and forth like a mad woman. Calm is restored. I might carrying on with my Spanish dance hallway entrance, its coming along quite well! I have already added a "Ole!" cry at the end for effect.
This said, our place now smells like a exploded sweetshop and our eyes are stinging from the smell, but happier bunnies are we. Especially me and big fellas hearing is now returning after my dog hearing screams in his ear.

Dramatic, moi?

I wish mouse well and hope he finds comfort in a nice field somewhere. I think I know why the mouse moved in here you see, he got to see beauty like this for a view.

I would not want to leave either. There is one of my lucky stars to thank again.

Lovely to come back here and I hope all is good, I have the day off, so as I was too busy Spanish dancing to sit in my living room at the computer in peace, I can know go see how you all are! Get ready, here I come! I'm on my way! ( Oh there is a good tune stuck in my head now!)

Cheerio for now lovely friends!


Sarah Sullivan said...

LOL Claire...ackkkk I love mice but NOT in my house! I have had the unpleasant experience several times over the years..and thankful for she keeps them away! She may eat them I am not sure..but I know there are a few in the garage (not attached)..but not in my house. Given we have children with snacks all over the place all the time..and the basement is a mancave..I am really surprised that they have not at least tried! But Tink is a wonderful guardian! Mint huh..did not know that! Hmmmmmm! Did I tell you that once I woke with a little mouse fellow sitting on my toes and just checking me out? Ackkkkk was not fun..well have many stories here..but have written a novel. I am with you on the having to walk off winter pounds now LOL!
Hugs and love to you hon, Sarah

Dede said...

Glad to see you back! What an ordeal with that mouse. Happy for you and Big Fella he and maybe his family have moved out. Congratulations on the job!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Congrats on the new job! And it sounds like you could also have quite a lucrative sideline in mouse exorcism. And hey, I love Judge Judy too! She doesn't take crap off of anyone. She would have just yelled "Get out of my courtroom" at that mouse and shazam! He'd be gone.

Bella Sinclair said...

Claire! CLAIRE! Claaaaaiiiiiirrrrre! It's so great to be here again and catch up on your adventures with Wee Doggie. Lots of new events in your life -- new job, new Etsy shop (yay!), new Goddaughter. Congratulations, my friend! I'm sure the kids you work with just LOVE you, what with your wit and fanciful imagination and cheer. And hooray for getting rid of Mickey Mouse. I wish I had known about mint when my husband left an open bag of Doritos in the basement. Ugh.

Happy Spring to you and Big Fella!

Cindy said...

Congrats on your job Claire. I have a cat for my mouse situation...all gone, that is all that matters to me. I think just the smell of the cat keeps them away. thats my thinking anyway. I do like Judge Judy too, she is too funny for words...she does not but up with the bull at all. love her. nice to be able to comment. Sometimes it won't let me and I swear. lol. be well and good luck with the new job. hugs.

Anonymous said...

Omg, Claire, you are just too funny! Thanks for that; I'll go to sleep chuckling tonight!