Friday, 15 April 2011

Back from camping!

Hello there everyone! How are you? Hope you are all doing good! Well, big fella and I went on what is turning out to be our yearly camping trip for a few days, as we went on our first one this time last year.
It was wonderful! We stayed in Wales, the most magical place you could imagine, by a rolling river
and a beautiful waterfall.

The mornings were so silent you could hear the dew dripping onto the earth, and in the daytime we saw fish jumping out of the river, birds of many types singing their soulful tunes and butterflies and bees basking in the beautiful sun. By night the bats and owls flew over and above our heads in the twilight branches. We were once again blessed with the weather and had a wonderful time. On the last day we got up early to go for a walk near a forest near by before we left.

As we walked, moss covered everywhere like a lush velvet carpet and a passerby told us that this land and the river has been here for over ten thousand years! The moss was so thick and soft you could put your hand right through it!
It was so beautiful and peaceful, I kept expecting the white witch from Lords of the Rings to come out behind one of the trees! But instead this awaited us!

Isn't that special? I thought we could walk on the water it was so still.

It was just what we both needed and contentment is the word to describe it.

Since I have been back, I found my creative self coming back. I don't know what happened, I was getting worried! With my amazing encounter with the beautiful moss, it inspired me to make a move on my glass gardens
and I went a bit mad with them! I have also started my artwork again and just finished one piece and I'm in the process of doing another!

If you have time please have a wee look at my Magic is everyday life blog to see what you think by clicking here! I am hoping to do a giveaway on it soon! I will let you know more soon as!

Well, I have got to fly!

All the best and take care!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like your camping trip really recharged your batteries -- that's great!

tohi said...

lovely post great idea for the jar gardens , and it is always nice to have the creative side come alive, i think nature does that. My ancesters were from scotland and Wales I have never been there but a piece of my heart is. When I go I shall see Jinder. TKS for sharing, Tohi aka Tink

Cindy said...

oh your camping trip just seems fabulous. the perfect place. glad to hear from you. I often think of you and wonder what you are up to. love your drawing. take care. hugs.

Shell said...

Where you went camping looks truly magickal. I'm sure it recharged your spirit big time...

Unknown said...

Looks like a GREAT camping trip.

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

I miss Wales, greatly! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pics of your trip, sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I love camping! Your photos are beautiful and your artwork inspiring, as always! x