Sunday, 27 February 2011

Our search for Spring Adventure!

Hello everyone, here is our latest adventure with Wee doggie! Now, just to warn you, it is quite long, so grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Big fella and I were having a well deserved lazy day, sitting around wondering what to do, when I thought I heard someone calling for us outside. Big fella just shook his head when I said so, but then I heard it again and so did Big fella. Who could it be?

We looked out our window but there was nobody there.

"Oi! down here!" The voices said.

We looked down and saw nothing but a flock of seagulls flying about on the edge of the water.

"Yew hoooo! Yes, you two! come down here!"

"Are the seagulls talking to us Big fella?" I asked, but he had already grabbed his coat and ran down the stairs, with whoops and cheers. Wee doggie was involved in this and he knew it!

We were going on an Adventure!

I grabbed my coat too and followed Big fella outside.

"Wee doggie asked us to come and get you as we are going in search of Spring!" The seagulls cried!

"Why didn't he get us himself as he usually does?" I asked.

There was mutterings amongst the birds.

"Well! If she does not need us....."

"Wee doggie warned us about her clap trap!"

"I don't think I would be able to fly her on my back anyway, big pudding!"
I puffed my chest out!

"I beg your pardon!" I cried! "Fly on your back! Not on your Nelly! Pudding indeed!"

Big fella gently put a hand on my shoulder and told me to pipe down, in which I did.

"Only joking missus!" said the seagull, "Now calm yourself and watch this! Oh and hold on tight!"

The birds flew and twirled around and the wind suddenly picked up pace and I could feel my feet leave the ground! I looked up and to my horror saw a tornado begin to form!

"Not to worry! "said the birds. "This just helps you on your way! Now flap your wings and follow us!"

Suddenly the birds flew high up into the sky and so was big fella and I. The wind blew us up
Away we flew!!

We went onwards and upwards for what seemed like for ages and could hear the birds chatter amongst themselves.

"Where are we going again?"

"Sunset Heart Tree, silly! Now hurry! The wind will not keep them two up in the air for long!"

"The Oscars is happening this week, are you going?"

There was much merriment on our journey and soon we headed towards a large hill, and as the sun went down a huge tree rose up and caught the sun in its branches!

"Hooray! Just in time!" cried the sea gulls and a collective sigh rang around us. The sea gull flying beside us told us we have to fly at exactly the right time of hour, on this very day as Spring is happening and the tree is now energising the sun, but we must hurry as the sun sets soon again! It does not take long!

"But how do we get there?" I asked.

But as we were sailing right above the tree holding the sun, suddenly the wind stopped and Big fella and I began to fall downwards as the sea gulls waved us good bye from the sky above!

We held hands as we sailed down towards the tree and soon, we drifted past down through the branches with the wonderful sun's rays, sitting amongst them and shone like wee fairy lights. We looked down to see the trunk of the tree below

soon we reached the end and we fell on our bottoms laughing! Now that was fun! As we looked around our new surroundings I glanced at the tree trunk and saw a heart shape embedded in it.

"Sunset Heart Tree!" I murmured! How lovely! But were was Wee doggie?

"Ahoy there!"

There, in the distance, was Wee doggie trotting over towards us!

"Ahhh! There you are! Good to see you darlings, good to see you! Oh, I am in quite good form, I say, quite good form! I am desperate for Spring to come, what with more snow this winter than I care to remember and thus made me miss my annual Winter holiday flight in the process? Well, I never heard the like of it, so I took the liberty of winding up Winter once and for all and let Spring began!"

"How do you do that?" I asked. But Wee doggie had sped along the path crying out "Lest haste! More speed, you two!" I guess we would soon find out!

So of we began on our adventure! Wee doggie was going this way and that way, along the path, grumbling and mumbling about as soon as he does this task, he is booking a holiday, make no mistake and it was about time he spoiled himself!
Big fella and I wondered what Wee doggie was looking for but we didn't dare ask him as he does not care for being interrupted at a time such as this.
So I began to fall behind and look around. I was suddenly noticed something changing on a tree branch beside me.
I called Big fella over and we watched as a beautiful fresh green moss grew over the branches right before our very eyes!
I began to call Wee doggie over to show him what we had just seen, when he bounded over and cried

"I found it! The Spring moss is growing! Wonderful timing find for me! What would you do without me! Now. Don't dilly dally about, come on!"

Wee doggie's bark could be at times very stern but he was kind and we knew time was precious. So on we went.

But no matter where we went Wee doggie could not find what we were looking for.
He began to look quite flustered.
Then in front us on the path ahead was a squirrel. We heard wee doggie give a low growl. Oh oh!

Big Fella asked Wee doggie if he was alright.
"Yes old boy, Its just I don't care for this fellow's manners that's all. I need a holiday, I can't remember where to go!"

We understood. Wee doggie may have wee patience but he has a heart of gold and doesn't like bad manners or dealing with the likes of Mr rude squirrel.

"Excuse me, Mr Squirrel, we have met before, I'm sure you remember the last argument! If you would be obliged to help us find our bearings and we will be on our way!"

The squirrel ignored him.

"Mr Squirrel!" We could hear the tension rising in wee doggie's bark. The patience was thinning.

After asking three more times wee doggie had enough.


"GO AWAY!!!!!" cried the squirrel and off he flew up a tree and laughed singing, "You can't catch me! neh, neh, neh, heh,!"

Wee doggie was furious! He dug under the gate crying injustice and when he got that squirrel, well, I will just just say it involved putting mustard mixed in with his Sunday custard! Yuck!

"What is all this fuss about? Behave yourself Sir!"

Big fella and I were so busy looking at wee doggie burrowing furiously and turning the air blue, we had not noticed the pigeon that flew down and perched on the iron fence to see what the racket was.

Wee doggie, immediately stopped and seemed embarrassed for his behaviour. He composed himself and explained his sorry situation and that he couldn't help it, that squirrel! He was just so rude! He had now forgotten the task in hand and time was sure to run out!

The pigeon pointed a wing towards a tree branch and said, "

Is this what you are looking for?"

"Yipppeee!" cried Wee doggie! A million thank yous! There is it is! Dew Drop Alley! We are just in time!"

We all watched as the Dew drop got bigger and we saw another world inside like a snow globe. It dropped to the ground with a splash, and got bigger.....
and bigger....

until it turned into a beautiful pond!

"Now, jump in!" wee doggie cried!

"Oh no!" Big fella and I groaned together.

"Only joking! Now if you would just let me do this......"

Wee doggie turned around three times singing what we could of sworn was the Time Worp from Rocky Horror

Wee doggie went to the side and pulled on the ponds big plug and the water drained to reveal the Season clock!

Big fella and I stared in wonder and could smell sweet pea filling the air sweet! Big doggie squealed and began to sing the writing written in stone:

The time is right,

The time is now,

Winter time is taking a bow.

Spring time is here,

Let everyone cheer

Light days and

lesser moonlight is coming near!

Let the ground come to life

Bulbs come out to the light

and seeds begin your springing!

The clock turns forward

Oh can you hear it ring!

Wee doggie stepped back smiling

as the flowers began to bud and bulbs began to peak

Wee doggie leaping and soaring about in the flowers laughing!
Wee doggie loves the Spring!
Up, up they spouted

and buds bloomed on trees!
With that, Wee doggie trotted quickly off, with us trailing behind.

"Hurry up, the sun is engerised, back to the car and quickly or the sun will set and ruin all my hard work! Now this is only the begining, we have only just stirred the earth! Spring is coming!

So he led us through Dew Drop Alley to where big Fella's car sat, key in door, and in we popped.

As we are driving home, big fella and me suddenly looked at it other and realised something.

"We did not come in the car Wee doggie. Why do you have the car?"

Without looking at me, he claimed it was Oscar week and he needed to travel in style. He would only have it for one week and he would leave it a lot more tidy than he found it. Big fella shouted "Sold!"and as Big fella is alergic to housework, that was that!

As we drove home and the seagulls waved hello going past, I had one last burning question for Wee doggie.

" Can we go to the Oscars with you Wee doggie?"

Wee doggie sighed. "I'm sorry my dear, " with a glint in his eye

"That is adventure I have to do on my own! Besides, you will only cramp my style!"


Sarah Sullivan said...

Loooooved your adventure hon..loved it! Just what I needed on a 10 degree snow filled weekend! IS wicked cold here..and spring is long away! Lucy Lu adores the snow and said to tell Wee Doggie a big woof from her!! Maybe you and Wee Doggie could wander through my Unicorn Wood!! I bet he would like it there..there are bunnies to chase!!
Hugs to you hon, Sarah

Sarah Sullivan said...

LOL must have been on my blog as I was on yours!! Hugs hon:)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Send Wee Doggy over here to Canada -- we need him DESPERATELY! It's been a hard winter and Spring is still 2 months away.

I'm watching the Oscars on TV and sure enough, there was Wee Doggy in the audience. Sitting right beside Colin Firth, of course.

Rue said...

Oh wonderful! I've missed Wee Doggie's adventures. And he found Spring! Do send it my way please!

Mr. Squirrel does need to learn some manners though -lol!

Cindy said...

claire, hello, I have to tell you this is the first time I have been able to make a comment. when I come here I have been getting a blank page except for your header picture. I was even thinking I have to get a message to you so you know what has been happening. Loved your story. miss you. If this comment does not work, I shall have to scream. here goes

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant! I wish I'd had you to tell me stories when I was a little girl; but never mind, I have you now! What a magical world you live in! x