Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Time Line of Events!

Yesterday I went over to see my wee mates in the fish tank. Not one would look at me, not even when I gave them food. Then wee fish came over to me. They were all very annoyed at me for sitting on my backside and not writing on my blog.

Hello there! I have neglected this week blog badly of late and I am sorry for that. I have not been in touch as I have wanted to as life is just a whirlwind of late and we are just trying to keep up. There is so much I could write but I am afraid it will turn into like a E! biography and I will basically bore you all to tears. Not on this blog! I will keep it as brief as possible to catch up. Like a timeline if you will. (Swanky spreadsheets on next post!)

Of how Jack Frost arrived early one morning Winter and covered everything with glistening icy frost. Which I would rather gaze at from the inside of a window as walking in it.

The snow that fell, turning everywhere into Narnia and I was in love with it! (Pain in the arse by the third day, but that's all in the past now, moving on.)

Discovering that mussel shells after cooking are quite beautiful and look like butterflies. (Sadly putting a score of them in a jar to displaying them in our bathroom does not take away from the smell that remains on them, sterilised or not. Bad idea.)

Stomping the New year in rambling on the Welsh countryside with good friends

and had the greatest day giggling and running down hills with the best of company!

The winds that blew in the water and nearly the windows and letting the signs of Spring shine through
and after days and nights of cotton dark clouds, see the sunset getting stronger each time it comes around.

amongst all this Big fella and I are plodding along, I got a new job, which just the luck is ending in March, so searching for something new and Wee doggie has brought us on some very exciting adventures which I promise to tell you all about, Wee doggie insists!
All the best!
Toddle Pip!

"Weekends with friends and get lost in the night waves of wine, hands clapping laughter and the powerful tones of the glorious Miss Nina Simone!"
-A wish for the weekend.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like you've been using your time productively! Good luck on the upcoming job search -- I hope you find something you really, really enjoy!

Sarah Sullivan said...

Hi hon...I so love it when I see your blog pop up on my blog list..I wanna happy dance!! So I thought I would pop on by and say howdy to you hon! I looooove the picture of the fish..giggle snort..he looks a bit annoyed LOL!!
Miss talking with ya hon...pop on by an see me! Hugs to you hon, Sarah