Monday, 21 February 2011

My Esty Shop! Gulp!

Hello there, it is nearing the end of Feb and the start of March! Rhyming, now that is a intro! Oh,I am a wee bit giddy at the moment, with nerves, excitement to the darn right fear at the moment as I am job hunting! I got one interview so far, in fact, I was just luck to be short listed, as the job is a great responsibility, but hey if they think I am good enough to interview, well on their heads be it! if I could find the letter with all the details they sent me, I would have framed it! Responsibility people, got it in spades! Thank gawd for email post. Should make for a very interesting interview. Here is some of my past gems at interviews:

1)When going for a interview at my local off licence aged seventeen, height of sophistication, with orange makeup tan lines around jaw and scrunchy wrapped firmly round ponytail, I was asked what I would do if under a crowd of under age children were hanging around asking people to by alcohol outside the shop:

My answer: Get a bucket of water and throw it over them.

I have also told myself not to let my dad, bless 'im, coach me on interviews before hand. Besides I got the gig, and let me tell you, when it happened I was tempted.

There was the other beauty were I (eventually) rang up to confirm my attendance for a interview only to be told the interview was actually the day before.

My answer: Ah, in that case, I would like to reschedule...

With the dialling tone ringing in my ears.

So I am beginning a brand new adventure and I have opened an Esty shop! I have been busy learning how what and why around this new wee world and it is quite exciting! I am very wet behind the ears with this new venture so any advice would be welcomed and grateful for! I only have a few things up, art work and some photograph prints and I am hoping to put our wee adventures with wee doggie into a book of sorts, I am not sure yet! But I'm a wee bit frightened! I don't know if I am charging to little or too much, and shipping costs, Ekkkk! I will keep trying on the job front, I am sure things will work out, and best of luck to any one facing the same position.

We also received some wonderful news. Big fella and I are going to be parents! GOD parents! I cried, big fella just sat down and stared at his games console thinking if our god child, Phoebe, aged 3 weeks and two days could beat him in Super Mario. I saw him thinking it.
Recently I have had the same daydream of knitting a baby jacket for her with difficult, yet worth it stitches and floating into her christening, presenting it to her obviously overjoyed parents, who immediately discarded whatever expensive garment Phoebe was wearing and putting my beautiful knit wear and everybody cooing and ahhing over the baby and of course, my jacket. I eventually hand out my esty business cards where people greedily snap out of my hand.......
It is not turning out as daydreamed. A) I have no white wool, and B)I have no patience and garter stitch it was or no jacket C) it comes from a pattern for a two year old. I will finish it for her though, by the time she is two, it should be ready! We are really excited about our new wee special friend and we are honoured.
God help her.

I will try and put a wee side bar link up for my wee Esty shop and if I am successful it should pop up in the right side bar. Wishful typing here! I am going to try and add some new strings to my bow and see how I go! Oh I'm rhyming again, that means I must go, head frazzle!
Toddle Pip!


Anonymous said...

You, Ms Claire, crack me up! I love your posts. Congratulations to you and to the wee Phoebe - she is lucky to have you and the big fella as god parents.
Can't wait to see your Etsy shop. And good luck with the job search. I just know that the perfect job is going to turn up for you.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You and the big fella will make wonderful godparents! And good luck with your Etsy shop! Will you be posting some of your delightful cards on it?

Dede said...

Good Morning! I wish you luck in finding the right job, one that will pay the bills and you enjoy! Just popped over to your Etsy shop and made it a favorite, wishing you much success! Congratulations on being God Parents, so much fun!


Sarah Sullivan said...

Oh oh oh wonderful have to join our team hon..ya have to!! Will send you an invite hon!! WHOOT!! Will heart you in a second here :)
A God parent....what fun is that!! For a moment..I thought you were gonna say you...but you knew we would lol!!
Good luck on the job hunt hon!! Pulling for ya!
So glad to see you here..I have missed ya hon!!
Hugs and love, Sarah

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

I, too, have toyed with the idea of an Etsy shop but have packed up all my artsy crafty stuff in a closet at the moment. I'm sure you'll do very well. Let us know where to look for you...good luck!