Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A long time coming: Wish Cast Wednesday

Jamie has asked this week: Where would you wish to send some love?

So many places and people I wish to send love to, but here, it is no contest. It is you!

I have not been able to blog nearly as much as I have liked to, not kept in touch when I wanted to and I am so sorry about that. So I am wishing I could send a wee bit of love to the friends I have yet to meet, but are huge in life! I miss you all, popping to visit you on your blogs and read your little snippets in life and gaze at the gorgeous photography that speaks a thousand words. I am truly inspired each time I read and right now, I am a wee bit lost. Work is becoming all too consuming, and I find that coming here to blogland is a sweet release, and reminding me that work was then and this is now and to get up and enjoy life and enjoy my friendships with you! I will leave you now (but not for long!) but before go, if I could I would doing the following things for you to bring a wee bit of love and luck in our lives. This is what I would do:

I would invite you over for a magical tea party, and sit down with you to talk about all the wonders of the world and the juiciest gossip over tea and sconces, and some cream cakes too of course!

I would spoil you rotten, and just as we are stuffed to the brim and the sun is setting on our tea party,

We would ask Big fella if he could make us a fancy coffee from his fancy coffee machine (Because I broke it last time)

and relax by the window and watch the magic of the clouds roll by.

Such as the angry faced cloud barging through day and demanding night time begins, as it trundles along behind him,

A cloud that spelt it out for you, just in case you didn't get that it was a cloud,

and as the sun begins to wane, a cloud which is keeping an eye on things stares through the living room.

For the finale, the slipping disk of the sinking sun floods the room in an amber glow, and we turn round and there is the shadow of Peter Pan himself!

After all that I will sit you down and give you a tutorial on how not to get dressed in the morning and sleepily apply armpit perfume AFTER a black T shirt is put on.

We would have a blast! Well, I certainly would, I love cream cakes!
So, as you can tell, life is just rolling by here, just like the clouds and I just came here to let you know, I miss you and wish for a wee bit of love over your way!
Ohh, I have to tell you as well, (see, I just can't leave you! Slap me!) I was so excited today! Why? Because it was cold! Yes! What I mean is, summer is leaving us over in these parts and that can only mean one thing! Autumn is coming! This is my favourite season, I love the colours of the trees, the change of weather, twirling golden leaves falling, kicking them in the air while walking about! Yay!

Halloween is my favourite time of year, and I dream of glass cauldrons,
and magic in the air,

and all things Halloween like!I hope all is well in your world and I miss you!
Much Love!

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your blogsite, or my computer, one of the two, was acting up last time I tried to comment, so I couldn't. But now it seems okay, so here's my comment. SMOOCH!