Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Hello There!

Hello everybody! I got to sit at a computer! Yay! I can blog! How are we all? Doing well I hope!
So since we have been laptopless, (look at that, I made up my first word and it sounds smutty) Big fella and I have had to amuse ourselves with other things. With Big Fella, it is kill zombies on his X box (when I suggested that we sell that for a new laptop or just good ole money, he looked at me as if i said, "Hey, lets start eating healthy raw foods, not eat chocolate and sweeties anymore, yeah?") and since Big fella actually starts acting like a zombie when indulging in this, to me, boring activity, I have to look after myself.

So I taught myself to read some knitting patterns and make something!
I made this pirate themed scarf with skull and crossbones and even a wee boat as well I even added tassels! I never made anything like this before and I am very proud of this wee creation and really pleased the way it has turned out! Now everybody knows what they will be getting from me this Christmas!
At the moment it has been typical rainy weather with glass like grey clouds for days on end making things seem drab and dreary.

But sometimes all you have to do is look up and the sky is alive with colours!

Due to the rain, I have found myself getting into hibernate mode and curling up in bed, complete with flannel PJs just to add to the mood, with some hot chocolate and watching Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic, plotting ideas for some Halloween photographs!

Alas this mode does not linger long though, as I soon realise that it is still August and humid and no time of the year for hot chocolate and end up getting so sweaty and flustered, that I manage to spill it all over our lovely clean white duvet cover. Sigh. I will have to add washing on things to do list.

So, things are just the same in our wee world and we are just trying our best to keep up with it!
Hope everyone is well and I will pop along and see you some time soon!
All the best!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love that pirate scarf! Long John Silver himself would covet it.

Cindy said...

Claire, glad you are back, your blog looks beautiful. last time I tried to get on your blog, I thought well maybe it is my computer, was glad you popped up here and all is good, beautiful scarf, not my taste, but lovely...and able to read the pattern, very impressive. have a great week. hugs.

Unknown said...

That scarf is awesome, I love the boat. And that rainbow, wow, really?
That looks like a painting.
And, did I tell you I loved the scarf?
Christmas is just around the corner.

Rudee said...

I simply adore that pirate scarf! I hope your computer miseries are fixed, soon!

brandi said...

~who would have thought one could knit skulland crossbones! l♥ve it and never seen anything quite like it before...i too have indulged in hot chocolate yet felt a wee bit guilty for doing so as it is still august and warmth in the air...oh so soon the season will change and we can welcome and embrace the soft sunggly fabrics and hot cups of delight...happy all is well...may it remain...warm wishes and brightest blessings~