Tuesday, 27 July 2010

OMG, I am late for my own Giveaway!

Forgive me, forgive me. I have had precious wee time to post and comment, because regrettably, it was too expensive for us to get the laptop fixed, so we are saving away (badly)until we get a better one. For now, we put our trust in our broken down laptop and the laptop allows us to swear at it viciously if it switches itself off. Life in our wee world over here, is topsy turvy and time is flying by. I was also greatly saddened to hear of the loss of fellow blogger Barry. I went over to send a email about running the race for life and thinking of him all the way, and he was gone. My heartfelt thoughts go to Linda, the family, and of course Lynsey. Rest in Peace Barry.

There is so much I have been wanting to tell you of,

Of my wee friend Munch the caterpillar who recently flew around the jar I made into its home, and I squealed with delight to see a big moth with wide patterned wings. I opened the window and it waved bye bye and off it went to begin its life. I asked it to come back for a picture but it was having none of it. So here is the movie version of this proud moment.

I want to tell you of the tales of whirling tornadoes outside our window

and of Ghost ships, floating adrift, silent through the ink midnight.

Tales about when the swan cloud sailed past in the sunset sky,

and simply to share with you sights like this.

It doesn't get much better than that for me.

Enough of my ramblings, lets get down to the giveaway winners! Because I was late for my own giveaway, (but then again so was the white rabbit) I decided to add some wee surprises as well!
Picked by the giveaway random generator, (alright, big fella picked them out of a hat), the winner of the Alice and Wonderland Collection cards is Erin at Treasures found!

Congratulations Erin! I will be sending you a email soon with more info!

Since I felt bad being late and all, I asked Big Fella to pick out two more for wee surprises! The names chosen were Debra at She Who Seeks and Sarah at Cottage Garden Studios! Yay! I will send you both a email soon to send out a wee surprise gift! Thank you so much for taking part everyone! I love having fun with you guys!

Oh, one last wee thing. I found these beautiful lanterns,

and made wee gardens in them! Moss is boss! I really enjoy making these!

I gotta got now, the laptop is beginning to splutter which mean lights out soon! Toddle pip for now and see you soon hopefully!


Anonymous said...

Oh Claire ... I love your posts and your life! You always bring a smile to my face and for that I am so very grateful!

Great pics by the way. You have become quite the photog, I must say!

Love and hugs to you

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Woo hoo! You've made my day! Thank you! And you have the most amazing views out your window!

Gemel said...

Nice to see you back :-)

Sarah Sullivan said...

Oh oh oh oh oh Claire..really he picked me???!!!(Big hugs to him) OOOOO am squealing! I never win anything..and from you it is a double treat!! Thank you hon!!Whoot!! Happy dancin!!
The moth is stunning..and I love those lanterns..wow I never would have thought of a garden...love that!!! Hugs and love, Sarah

Cindy said...

congrats to the winners and glad you are well Claire, sorry about laptop trouble, I think I may have to get a new hardrive to my computer. always something. be well my friend.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Light and peace for your friend's soul.

Congratulations to the winners!

And don't even get me started about computers! I just just spent almost $1000 on a new laptop and I wanted to shed I-hate-seeing-my-hard-earned-money-go tears, but that's life and a writer needs a laptop.

Hope you had a lovely Lammas!