Monday, 7 June 2010

Happy Camper

Hello campers! How are we all? Thank you for coming to visit me, so happy to know you are here! I am back from the great outdoors adventure! I have officially started my journey in thirty List. 15. Sleeping under the Stars: Completed! Yay! May I say, it was just the most amazing time ever! Last Thursday, Big fella and I got up at the crack of noon and bundled everything into the back of the car and scooted off to our destination which I knew was somewhere in Wales but little else. After about two hours lovely driving through lush Welsh mountains and spectacular views, we arrived at our destination.

The sea.

It was the most wonderful campsite ever! It was situated on a cliff face and below it, the sea and behind a fierce growling mountains with sheep, horses and cows all perched nicely on it.There was also a railway line and occasionally a train would go whizzing by.

This was our view each morning from inside the tent.

The beach below us was filled with pebbles

and seaweed, trinkets and treasures such as the mermaids chair,

or perhaps a message in a bottle getting washed up on shore.

Good friends of ours who live nearby, came up with their beautiful children for the first couple of days and it was just idyllic, basking in the sun with the sound of laughter, love and some tall tales wafting through to the airy night.
When it was the twilight hour, we would build a camp fire and set off paper lanterns

with wishes written on them,

floating them away to the stars.Up, up and away.

The only time we spent indoors were to go into a shop for some ice cream! Oh, I have to show you this, it made my heart smile. We were walking through the quaint wee village situated nearby and I saw this wee sign on a shop window.

Aww, sweet! No honeymoon though?

Big fella and I had a wonderful time and we are going to go again in August for the meteor shower!
The sky was so full of stars at night I spent hours just lying down gazing at them. I would happily live like this.

It was wonderful.

But of course it is bang back to reality. I can not seem to get out of doing nothin mode. I just about wrote this! I will have to go for a good run after this and shake myself up a bit. I have so much more to tell you and so many of you to visit I do not know how to get it all done! I have a major awards thanks backlog which I am ashamed to say, I have not gotten round to. Some of you I did not even thank! Shocking I know, so I thank you ever so much if I was honoured with a award by you, I really appreciate it and I will do a shout out soon! Thanks again! I will hopefully pop by soon to see you all! Oh, before I go, look what appeared in my coffee that big fella made for me this morning.

Can this man do no wrong?

All the best now and cheerio!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your camping trip sounds idyllic! Your paper lanterns are amazing!

Dede said...

Looks like a beautiful place to wake up! Tickled for you that you had a great time and are planning on going again.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Ah, we went camping in Tenby last year a few weeks after we has spent a week in a cottage in north Wales. We then went to the New Forest camping too. The weather was amazing, the night sky unpolluted was a joy. It was very romantic. We bought a caravan a few weeks ago and plan to get away as much as possible - assuming the blasted weather inproves. Glad you had a great time - it can truly open up your heart, mind and eyes to get breaks away in such amazing surroundings.

Cindy said...

What a wonderful time. It would have been so much. I love sleeping under the stars. I need to do this again very soon. I am putting this on my list. love the heart in the coffee. hugs my friend.