Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wish Cast Wednesday

What do you wish to leap into?

This is the wish cast Jamie weaved for us today.Well, as some of you know I have started a journey into thirty list of thirty things to do while I am thirty.( OMG how many times did I just type thirty?! Again!)

So I wish to leap right into that. Having completed No. 15: Sleeping under the stars, which was a absolute delight, I wanted to continue on my quest, as with all starts to a new month I fail to remember it. I will still think it is May until the 22nd and be one of those people who annoy you by repeatedly say "I cant believe it is June already!" Time is flying by and this does not help matters for me.

It was actually camping that brought me to my next challenge, No.27: Looking after a caterpillar and watch as it turns into a butterfly. On the last day of camping, just before we left I took a quick pit stop to the ladies and on the tile floor was this guy:

Munch.That's his name you see, it suits him I think. After doing some extensive research (google) it would seem I have to be very wary of this wee fella as although he is rather cute and furry, his furriness can cause bad problems with humans. So I am all gloved up and being very cautious around him.

He will either be a moth or butterfly but either way, I hope all goes well and I hope I am taking care of him properly. Another thing I put on my list was snake handling. (what was I thinking?) I am very frightening of snakes but it was a true thing to put on my list, so it stays. Not all fun and games, this list you know!
I did have a look into it, but to no avail, so I was going to swap it for Shark diving for charity instead. (I know, I know, I am a walking contradiction.)
I am definitely going to do the charity shark dive at some point though, I will give you more updates as I receive them! Anyway, back to the snake thing. I had hit a dead end with it, when today I got a picture message on my phone from a dear friend with her brand new pet, a 17 ft Boa constrictor! Very muted yay. I was kinda hoping for a corn snake for my snake encounter, But I started this list and life just seems helping me along nicely ,it would seem. Myself and Mr constrictor, (ohh what a apt name!) are meeting in the very near future. Ekkkk!
Oh, before I go, I want you to meet our new housemates the house martins. These flock of wee birds have chosen to build their mud nests just by the window,just above our heads and under the rafters.

and who could blame them? Look at this wonderous view unfolding before us this morning.

It was so perfectly still and peaceful, with only birdsong to fill the air.

But beware, never get on the wrong side of these birdies,

they know exactly where to aim.
Toodle pip!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Mr. Constrictor sounds like a character in a bad Austin Powers movie! Be Brave, O Intrepid One!

Jo Anna said...

I love what you are doing!
As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you as well.

Gemel said...

Wonderful post, I wish you well with the snake, I overcome my fear of them a few years ago. They are misunderstood bless them, I trust you find your encounter as magical as I did x

Judy said...

Did you learn what type of catepillar it is it dangerous?

Rebekah said...

As clairedulalune wishes for herself,s o i wish for her also.

I like your list!

My Name is Kirsten Not Kristen said...

What a beautiful Wish List. Good Luck with Munch and may all your wishes come true.