Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Secret Garden

Hello everyone, how is your weekend been treating you? Well, at the minute over our way, Mr Sun has surely been shining and his hot rays are warming everything to the core. Beautiful days. But of course it goes the other way too. It can be dangerous.

On Saturday big fella and I met up with our good friend wee doggie to go off on a adventure! Off we flew in the car with wee doggie with his head right out the window barking orders and directions to a new undiscovered place.

The sun scorched down on the three of us as we trekked on ground unknown. But wee doggie was suffering in the intense heat as were big fella and I. It was unbearable and after ten minutes we admitted defeat
as wee doggie has a long coat and I was in jeans and in no mood

and we took wee doggie speeding home to the comfort of his paddling pool and I read him some pages of my book I am reading at the moment " The Secret Garden", one of my favourites!

As wee doggie was lounging on the water raft in his paddling pool with my fantastic reading voice in one ear and from the CD player, Wham in the other, he was a very happy dog.

He beckoned Big fella over and whispered something in his ear. Big fella nodded and smiled. What where they up to? All too soon night fell,

as the moon grew into the night.

Today was a scorching day, but it had a lovely wee breeze that made it comfortable. Bliss! Big fella said we would go for a drive, so off we went through roads winding and unknown until we came to a wood.

We jumped out of the car and walked along a winding path. Along the winding wood filled path was a wall. I wondered what was behind it.

Then I realised what wee doggie had said to big fella. He had taken me to my very own secret Garden!

Ohhh, it was wondrous and beautiful and the birds sang and the leaves of the trees swayed with the breeze

Colours were everywhere and it was all so silent still.

There was a glistening pond that is said that if you look into the reflection you see your future

I think life looks really good!

It truly was a place were time stood still.
Big fella and I had a lovely day in our secret garden in the sunshine, but with the moon burning amber into the night

Not everything is what it seems. To be continued.......


mxtodis123 said...

Sounds and looks much like the secret garden I had found in my grandma's woods many years ago. I've always loved that book. Thanks for reminding me. I think it's time for some light fun-filled reading.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The Secret Garden was one of my most favourite books when I was a girl!

Dede said...

A beautiful secret garden! A wonderful place to spend a weekend. I always love your pictures and stories! Wishing you a beautiful week!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful area..great shots, I especially love the winding road through the trees.

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Beautiful pics...and I just so happen to be re-reading the Secret Garden; a gift from my ever-thoughtful 12 year old son. Take care ;)