Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wish Cast Wednesday

On this Wish Cast Wednesday Jamie asked: What do we wish to want? Now to be honest I feel like I want for nothing right now. The monthly bills are paid,(the grace of direct debit, why didnt I do that sooner?) work is improving, I am getting healthy by running every day around the most beautiful magical place of a neighbourhood I have never dreamed of living in, family and friends are well and me and big fella are getting along just lovely! Life is good at the moment. but a wish cast is a wish cast so I will wish today.

What I wish to want right now is my cornflake buns I tirelessly slaved over last night. There, I said it. They where there last night, I should know I made them. But today they are no longer there, not one, and I am crestfallen and ever so slightly peeved off. Let me take you back......

Last night I craved to bake. (I just washed my apron and it was all nice and clean looking, it didn't seem right) but didn't have enough ingredients for a cake or even sconces. All that was in the cupboard was a box of cornflake and a industrial sized bar of chocolate I had bought myself to scoff my face in celebrating the 5k run in July. ( Chocolate of any kind in our cupboard until July? Who I'm I kidding? Big fella and I are such greedy guts!)

So since I am on a new health kick (ha!) instead of eating the chocolate whole and all in one go (It has been known) I thought, I will add some nutrients in the form of cornflakes for fibre. Good thinking, Claire, good thinking. I broke up the bar and put in a bowl steaming underneath a hot boiling cauldron of mist. (Or a saucepan with water if you wanna get all technical)

and watched it slowly melt from gooey

to just the best thing on living earth. I have no shame, I would be straight in there, eating it all with a big wooden spoon and a delirious smile on my face, if it wasn't for your benefit dear bloggers and for photography purposes for this post. Ahem.

I then added the cornflakes and scrunched them all up in the melted chocolate!

I put them all in their pretty wee cases and let them set. I did not touch one.

I promise. But Big fella did. He ate them all. His excuse today when I came home from work?

" But Claire, I could not resist! They were not made from cooking chocolate, these were made with real chocolate! Lovely with a cup of tea and a bit of Judge Judy on the TV."

I know Mister! I made them! i didn't get one and he got to see the great Judge Judy in action as well? No fair!

So that's what a wish to want, my cornflake bun thingys. I guess I will just make more some other time but minus the cornflakes and Big fella! He will never know.

Unless he is secretly reading this blog and that would just be really bad. If so, love you big fella!! heehee..he..he.oh.

Anyway, hope all is well in your world!

Oh! PS: My journey into thirty list is already in fruition! Yippee! I have just booked some time off in June so Big Fella and I can go on a great adventure (or a great mistake depending on this next line) going camping or as I more eloquently put it on my list "Sleeping under the stars"

Big fella wants to live rough, and I mean rough, this boy climbs mountains with no ropes for gawd's sake! Another time, but yeah, really! My very own spider man! The Big fella does Big things! He wants to do it for a week and I was thinking more weekend. Perhaps close by to a comfy hotel, but I will tell more as it unfolds! Oh this list has disaster written all over it already! Ha ha! Bye!


Kim Switzer said...

As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you as well!

Mmm...chocolately cornflake buns? Now *I* want some! :)

mxtodis123 said...

That sounds so good. I never thought of something like that. Making chocolate healthy.

Sarah Sullivan said...

As Claire wishes for herself..I wish for her also!!
ROFLMAO never fail to make my day better..every single time I come to see you! My big guy would have scarfed them too!Would have been more like Deadliest Catch though LOL! You all watch Judge Judy...:)
I'm thinking cozy bed and breakfast near climing mountain..with massage and big screen TVs in room!!!

Hugs and love, Sarah

Karen D said...

As Clairedulalune wishes for herself, so I wish for her also..
Those chocolate cornflake buns looked mighty good, next time you will have to finish them off before he gets home!
May you have many grand adventures.

Karen (see you over at Let it Fly)

Unknown said...

What a great little story teller you are. And those treats looked great. Big Fella is no dummy.
And your running everyday, you should be proud of that.
Have fun on your vacation.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a gorgeous picture filled my screen when I came to your blog! Macy and the gang look great fun! And OMG those chocolate cakes! Cadburys! How could Big Fella eat them all! Lol! Did he not feel even a tiny bit guilty? I have to go raid the chocolate cupboard now. xx