Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Oscar time!

The wonderful Lemon included me when dishing out this fabulous award. It a seven random things tag, you know, say seven random things and tag it to seven other blogs! Thank you very much Lemon. Please, if you have not stopped by her blog, please do, it is beautiful, her award is truly deserved and her play list is divine!

1. I am currently obsessing listening over rat pack tunes, you know, ole blue eyes Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davies junior etc. Lovely, just me sitting here typing, humming away and smiling. Let us sway!

2. When a local newspaper has made it's way to my hands, I automatically go the obituary pages. (You wanted random, you got it. Random and morbid)It came from living with my granny when I was a wee rascal and my task every Saturday was to get the Irish news and read out every body who had died. Sad thing was, she nearly knew all of them. Every time I read out a name she was go "tsk tsk" and blessed herself and erased the person out of her address book with slash through the name and R.I.P beside it.
So it sort of become a habit. I sit some Saturday evening's when big fella will occasionally bring home a paper ,sift through to the deaths page and have a wee cry over the loss of the person I am reading about. Don't worry, Big fella is used to me now.

3. I do not remember my dreams.Ever. This makes me mad and sad.

4. I have the best of intentions but still...................
I want to be the most organised person ever. I have about four diaries with everything written in it, times I have to be in work, appointments and bill paying dates. But yet, I still I'm sitting quietly one minute to hysterical the second, realising that I had not paid the gas bill, forgotten my keys, or slept in for work. (Trust me, right now I am thinking to myself, just look in one of those diaries once and while Claire...)

5. Just found out I have to pay two months rent into the bank next month, yes December, to keep schedule due to a silly situation with my bank. Therefore Christmas is cancelled. Ah well, something will turn out. I will get it sorted. I must write that down in my four diaries for things to do with a bold writing of READ as the title.

6. Big fella and my shifts collide were, when he is in work when I am at home and vice versa. A nice arrangement it is too. I get to hog the computer, (big fella has become addicted to a games website, where he can become a lord and build his own city or what not. He will sit on the computer all day.Like I am right now. Anyway that's not the point, I have bribe him away from the computer with a trail of chocolate biscuits that lead out the front door and smacks him on the arse as it slams shut behind him.) and drink coffee and sing along to music (Sorry neighbours!) to my heart's content. As I said , it is a nice wee arrangement. He will come in later tonight, and I will have a cup of tea and a big hug waiting for him of course.

7. I HAVE LOST MY BAKING MOJO. Yes, people it is true. I have spent so long without a oven, I don't have the inspiration to bake up a storm and possibly burn the house down with the brand new oven. When I didn't have the oven, for two months no less, I salivated over Good housekeeping recipes books and even went on Marta Stewart's blog (God, she's good!)
I read all your wonderful recipes posts and dreamed of a time when a oven with a actual door would present itself to me. Now it actually has, well, I couldn't even bake a scone! And we love scones in our house! Maybe the winter wind will blow some inspiration my way soon! Lets see what the weekend brings!

I pass the award to
1. Sarah
2. Holly
3. Sandra
4. Beth
5. Bella
6. Renee
7. Boo

Ladies, please feel free to do what you wish with this award I just thought you deserved it as your blog is beautiful therefore so are you!

Ta ra!


Holly said...

Oh, Dear One, thank you for thinking me worthy! This one is quite pretty and I am delighted you sent it along to me!

beth said...

oh thank you so much !
but I should warn you...I'm a terrible blog award winner and I'm behind by at least two...I will try to get my butt in gear and get this little issue of mine corrected before it becomes a terrible habit....

AND...I loved getting to know you a bit better...I read the obituaries, too...

and baking or cooking...I've had kitchens with two stoves and ovens and still...NOTHING ! well, maybe mac and cheese, but still that's basically nothing...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The obits are always the most interesting part of the paper, especially as we age! Sorry to hear about your Christmas, but sometimes a simple Christmas is The Very Best Kind.

Mother Moon said...

a girl after my own heart... I absolutely love dean martin..... congrats on your award... you do deserve it...

Dede said...

I have a visual of you making a trail of chocolate biscuits out the front door. LOL

Congratulations on your award!


Renee said...

Well I love the award and am thrilled to have it.

I love your wee gran.

Love Renee xoxo

Bella Sinclair said...

Awww, Claire! Wow, thank you for this beautiful, beautiful award. I am so honored to receive it from you. And I LOVED reading your seven tidbits. You fly me to the moon!

I hope you get your baking mojo back soon. A house warmed by the smell of baking goodies...mmmmmmmmm.

Love your header, by the way!

Cindy said...

You make me laugh with checking the obits, and your Grandma scratching off the list. My husband reads them everyday, I ask if everything is fine, and he says his name is not in it, so he should be good for another day. Loved learning more about you. Take care.

Bridgett said...


Yes, my love, I love you too. :D