Sunday, 1 November 2009

I am Guilty of Sunday's

A very windy day.
Hola everyone!

Well today, I got up early, tidied up every room in the place, got the washing done and I am feeling refreshed! Oh, I think I am getting my groove back! My zombie like state has lifted somewhat, and I am focused and back on track.It's amazing what a drop of gin can do for the soul! Not really, I was so tired I did not drink any last night. (Thank God.)

I feel this change in mood and energy may have some thing to do with the weather.

Big fella and I were listening to the weather forecast last night and a weather warning of gales was issued in our area were sweeping in today.It would seem they were right. The wind at this moment is whipping and weaving through the house and I can hear the wind singing through the waves and echoing through the chimney breast.

But strangely, realising it is now (already!)November, it is quite warm.
It should be a least a wee bit nippy in the cold department, but I got my self in quite a sweat cleaning and had to open the windows. This of course was a crazy idea, as the wind blasted through and knocked some of my plants over on the window sill. Oh, I am a fool if ever there was one. But the wind has done me the world of good and I am feeling back to my old self.

Now, on to guilt's of the (minute) week. These are just some of the highlights:

This time ladies and gentlemen I am guilty of:

1) Swearing when I saw this.

Excuse me? Where has the oven door that didn't work properly, but what the hell, it warmed up the house gone?????
Well it would seem that a repair man has come and kindly taken our door away to fix it properly. Very nice of him it is too.

What is not so nice that this was three weeks ago and we have not seen head nor tail of him since. We can't get through to him on a telephone or email. Big fella and I take up two different positions on this topic. I hope nothing is wrong and he is OK and isn't in desperate need of help somewhere, and big fella thinks he has done a runner.

With a broken oven door ?!? Yeah, I heard they are like gold dust on eBay!! I just hope he is alright and we hear from him soon. If not, lovely landlady will get us a new oven. I asked for a AGA. She was not impressed.

2) Hiding a big dirty secret.

Isn't this nice? I recently received a beautiful card from my wonderful friend who has moved to Australia. But alas it is there under false pretenses. It is to hide this.
which was done when I lit this candle last night.

Please do not tell big fella! Ekkk! Any suggestions on what to use to take it off? I am afraid of making it worse!!

3) Memory wiping.
(Ohhh Claire, how could you?)
I have done another very silly thing. In the mist of my zombie like state this week, I decided to store away all my precious photographs I have taken over the past year on to disk, as my computer is getting very fat in the memory department and was at bursting point. So I did the right thing and took them all off my computer to disk, pressed save to disk and PERMANENTLY DELETED them off my recycle bin into the technology ether. Regrettably I did not check to see if the save button did as it was bide and of course I was was frantically searching empty disks, save in the knowledge that they didn't save and this was a useless exercise. Photographs gone. Well not another word about it, lesson sure to be forgotten knowing me and I will just have to start again. Blub!!

Dear me! Well, I think I good walk in the wind will do me good. It might wake me up a bit and turn me in to a self sifficent woman with no need for guilty posts. I doubt it though! I am going to try and fly!
Here comes Monday, Bring it on!


Dede said...

So glad to see the real Claire back! I don't think I would be to happy about my oven door missing either.


Rudee said...

I lost all of my photos last month, too, when I mixed a little water with my laptop and fried the mother board. It was the mother of all mistakes. I'm glad that I at least have some of those photos stored on my blog and pictures of my dog are there.

You've developed an interesting way to get a new oven. I'll have to explore that method!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sorry to hear about your photos! A real loss.

Bridgett said...

We have these Mr. Clean wiping pads here that are perfect for cleaning walls...perhaps something like that to clean off the smoke stain?

I can't believe he took your stove door three weeks ago and still hasn't brought it back! That's terrible. But, it's a good excuse to eat lots of fast food too. LOL

I'm so sorry about your pictures. I know how much that hurts. We lost almost 300 photos once when the memory card in our camera corrupted. I was so upset.

Enjoy that refreshing wind!