Monday, 2 November 2009

My Monday Muse!!

Hello! Is it Monday already? Cripes!

I have a new muse in my life. Feeding the birds! I actually do this every Saturday morning as a wee ritual and I have to tell you, I love it! I feel like I am making new friends! The gulls!

I grab any left over bread that is sitting in the house and grab my coat and wrap up warm! I walk down to the sea shore with not a bird in sight. But as soon as I make that rustling noise with the bread wrapper, one soars upwards above me.

Then two......................until suddenly,

Gulls everywhere!

They all line up waiting for me to throw a piece of bread!
I want to fly!

and soon enough the bread has gone and I leave them to squabble and squawk insults to each other about who got the most bread and who didn't I guess.

I love the way they get so close that you can see their wings and feathers glide through the air!

Oh, and yes, I wear a old coat with the hood up, and am afraid of the gulls getting a bit too excited and pooping on me, good luck or not!
I hope all is well in your world....................................

Cheerio for now!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have you seen that old Alfred Hitchcock movie called The Birds? I'm just asking.

clairedulalune said...

HAHAHAHA! Debra, I never thought of that film before now! I might go out with some goggles on for eye protection too!

mxtodis123 said...

Ha, seagulls. I am not too far from the shore so when they get hungry they move inward to my neighborhood. I remember a few years back being at the beach and seeing a one-legged seagull. I felt so sorry for the poor thing. Then, when the others tried to land to get some food, he chased them all off. Turned out he was the bully of the lot.

Mother Moon said...

yea I did that once with my kids when they were younger... we learned the hard way about wearing jackets and hats.... it was fun though and wha a memory....

Barbara said...

Fun. I think Gulls are characters. At the beach here, they are little pranksters and creep up on unsuspecting kids picnicing in the summer. They snatch sandwiches, chips, etc. right out of hands. Or wait until someone leaves their towel and sneak up to scavange. So funny to watch.

robin said...

How beautiful! Is that where you live? I wish I lived closer to the ocean... I guess I have to be okay with living along the river. :)
Great muse... thanks so much for joining up!

Dede said...

What fun! We like to go to the lake and feed the ducks. Sometimes they get a little pushy. So glad to see you back!


Shell said...

Reading this post and gazing at your lovely picture, makes me want to fly like a bird to.

beth said...

I love feeding the birds...even when it gets scary !!

and yeah...I'm not the only one who uses the word cripes....while writing !!!

Bridgett said...'s like a swarm! LOL One crinkle of bread paper and they're salivating like Pavlov's dogs. :)

Oh, how nice it must be to live by the sea. :)