Sunday, 4 October 2009

I am Guilty of Sundays!

I am Guilty of Sunday's!

Oh dear, is it Sunday again? I sadly say this with heavy heart as it means I have to go to work tomorrow, and although I love my job, unfortunately some of the people I work with can make it a very hard job to do sometimes. None the less, moving on. Here comes my confessions of the week.


Our dearest friend Holly had invited me to play around with words and emailed a strong selection for moi to post about. Regrettably due to work circumstances my post was very dull, heavy and at times angry, and I don't want to be having you all read that, now that is drivel! So the post sits steaming in my edits pages never to be read.

Holly, please expect my sincere apologies on being so late with your request that I asked for, and hopefully next week I will be in a jollier mood and I will post the play with words soon. Trust me, if I had posted it, you would be looking for the nearest hammer to bash your computer screen with, and we do not want any of that do we?

Enough with that sorry tale and moving on to


I seemed to have accumulated a disgusting habit of standing over a large pot of cold stew that I had made last night for me and the big fella, and greedily shoveling spoonfuls into my gob. After 5 minutes of this behaviour the pot may as well serve as a trowel.


I am guilty of looking out windows for hours on end (it would feel like) to have a good ole think.

Here is what happened during these thoughts:

The wee birdies coming to visit and complained that I have no form of bird accommodation attached to the building, it was autumn already and what the hell was keeping me!

I explained that it was not my property and I couldn't possibly start drilling into walls and the like. They told me to dry my eyes and that I could get a bird house that you can stick to your windows with plastic sucker things. They also told me that the hardware shop up the road had them on special offer and were very reasonably priced so I had no excuse!


Becoming very lazy in my looking out the window for thinking time phase and retreated to the sofa to look out the window, think and let the clouds roll by.


While out for a walk with big fella this week,(see how big he is, you can't even see his head!) he found a large branch, and informed me is was now his staff, his name was Big Fella the Brave and I must obey to his every command because I was a hobbit and he was wizard of the wood.
So being the Hobbit that I am, I collected some rock hard conkers and every so often I would aim one of these at his head as I walked behind Big fella the Brave. Fun day out of all! (for me!)


I am also guilty of forgetting to tell you all about these great October festivities going on right now!

Domestic witch is holding a October Blog party where everyday of the October month you doing something Halloweeny! My list is on my side bar! It makes you want to get up and go! Check it out for some fun times!

I came across this blog through a button pressing mishap! So glad of that mishap! A fanciful twist is a really enchanting blog and is holding a amazing Halloween party on 17th October 2009! Please check out her 2008 post n the Halloween party, it is so magical!
and of course Mrs B's 31 days of Halloween! I m super excited and nervous about this as I have offered a piece of art for the giveaway, which is being posted on her blog on 11th October! Ekkk! Double Ekkk!

Please go check out this giveaway heaven, the giveaways are amazing and you would be a fool to miss out!Give Mrs B a big cheer too, as this is a mammoth task and she is doing brilliantly!

By the way you can see my featured drawing on my drawing blog Make a wish on the moon and the Stars. Did I even tell you about that? I also have a button, well a picture that you can copy and paste into your sidebar if you like. I can not make a proper one yet!

I am incredibly scatty these days! More than usual anyway, maybe it is tonight's full moon! Lets clap our hands, dance to tonight and weave some magic! Until next time my friends!


Barry said...

Poor Big Fella. I hope he finds his head again soon! lol

These parties sound like fun!

Michelle said...

Hi Claire,

Your blog is looking so great! I love the idea of staring out the window at clouds! What a beautiful photo. Congrats on having your artwork featured!

Michelle :)

Dede said...

It would seem that we have both been spending to much time looking out the window. Entirely to much time in my own realm. Guilty.....


Bridgett said...

I hope things get better for you, lovey.

I'm off to check off your artwork...I hope I win it! :D


Dawn Marie Howard said...

oooh I love that your posting your OBP on your sidebar, great idea!

Hocus Pocus is on my to-do list!

Anonymous said...

Seems we have a lot in common - scatty and looking out of windows for ridiculous amounts of time is very much like me!!

CJ xx

Cindy said...

Hi Claire, I was just coming to let you know that I just did a post on the same award. I did not realize Holly had already sent it. I am just back from my vacation so I have been a little out of touch. Take care. Know I think that your blog is deserving.. Take care.

Renee said...

I'm clapping my hands dear one.

Love Renee xoxo

Dede said...

I have left something on my blog for you.