Thursday, 27 August 2009

MeMe award part two (cause I go on a bit)

Hi ya! All ready to continue with the second part of the MeMe award? Let's do it! ( oh my god, i am making this sound like a workout)

4) I love chocolate biscuits. Especially anything with marshmallow inside. As I ate a packet earlier on today, we don't have any left. I do not wish to speak further on the topic as I am very upset. I will have to make do with the bumper pack of tortilla chips and dip. There is also ice cream in the freezer so it might turn out OK.

5) Big fella was my boss when we started dating.
Yes, that is the kind of hussy I am.
I was desperate for a job,
he was desperate for a day off.
It proceeded from there. (not right there, about a year later. I'm not that bad.)
I am making our union sound quite dodgy but I will soon be dedicating a post about our lurrve story at the fabulous blog teacups in my peony's Love story project and it will explain all!.
See link on side of my blog to tune in and join in!

6. I was once deported from Canada.

Mmmmmm. Yes I will let that marinate with you a minute. Shameful as it sounds, it was not for drunkenness and disorderly behaviour as you might think.
I was fourteen, staying with my aunt in New Jersey and a friend suggested driving up to Canada to see Nigeria falls. So off we went. After a long drive (oh so long) we finally get there.
We are waiting to go through customs I suppose, and my aunt realised that unless you were an American citizen, you could not get through without a passport. I left my passport behind in my aunt's house.
So my aunt and friend just told me to lie and if they asked was I a American citizen just put on an accent and say yes.
So I did. Through to Canada we went without a second thought. We saw the falls and even went on the boat and wore the blue plastic coats! We then went into the most scariest haunted house ever, (that's another post) and went to the museum of the world's most notorious serial killers. As you do.
So, tired and weary we decided to driving back down stopping off at some other places as a sort of road trip.
As we went through customs my aunt's friend was asked were we all American citizens and she blurted out " No, this young girl is Irish" forgetting the huge big lie I had told them earlier. Oh oh. Well, when I told them I didn't have a passport, we got in big trouble.
I was interviewed by loads of people, and I think because of the state of the troubles in Belfast at that time and it being where I am from, it turned a wee bit scary. (What was more scary was interviewers accents. I didn't not understand the french aspect of the country at that time and was totally confused.)
My aunt and friend had to get my passport back at her home (they were sharing driving as it would be quicker) while I was in the police station. It was a bit of a nightmare! So the moral of this tale, never lie! Canada by the way was wonderful and I have lovely fond memories of my time there (apart from Buffalo police station. I have photograph of me standing outside it with the most horrific outfit and hair do. No wonder they held me when they saw me.)

7. After reading this you are probably wondering what the hell you got your self into when you started reading this so I will leave this with you:

If you were ever a person in the street who needed some assistance I would be more than happy to help you.
I give up my bus seat to one's that need it and if I thought you were struggling with your shopping bags, I would take no hesitation in offering some help.
I would always give you a smile passing in the street and I love your blog! (not blantant at all.)

That does make me sound so bad does it? Well thanks for putting up with me I will now pass on the award to:

Barry: It's in the way he writes his posts. You know the kind of blog I am talking about. Go check him out and become inspired.

Rudee: Rudee has at the time of writing this post has one day left! If you do not know what I am talking about go link and cheer her on and see what all the fuss is about. One word hint: Beautiful, winner or not. Best of luck Rudee!

Lemon: Beautiful blog and creativity rules over there! Wonderful photos too!

Dede: This lady deserves awards! So supportive in comments (this is my thank you)and blogtastic words and photos!

Audrey: Simply because I miss her.

Barbara: This lady has been entranced by her lovely sister Sarah at cottage garden studios to join in at blogging! What a wonderful writer Barbara is and is funny to boot too! I know you have been here a wee while now but anyway, welcome!

Holly: for bringing back lost childhood memories of golfing with my dad. Thank you Holly.

Everybody, feel free to do as you wish with this award, i just feel you deserve it!

OK that's it, you are free to go, oh one last thing?
Is anybody free for a celebration due to a certain blog turning one? I just realised that I started blogging one year ago in September! We have got to have some kind of celebration of some sort, yes? My blog has been through a lot to be fair. There will be all kinds of goodies, so i would love to see you there! (Party hats included of course!) Keep an eye out it will be happening soon! All the best!


Cindy said...

Awesome job Claire, It would take more than you getting thrown out of Canada for me not to like you...Thanks for sharing, big hug.

Barbara said...

Dear Claire, Thank you so much for honoring me with this Meme award. It's so kind of you. It couldn't come at a nicer time for me. I've sincerely enjoyed meeting you here and reading your blog and truly appreciate your thoughtfulness!
Best, Barbara

Debra She Who Seeks said...

We throw only the very best people out of Canada, you know. Actually that's not true, except in your case! Enjoyed your 7 MeME stories!

Holly said...

I actually like you because you were thrown out of Canada. I hope as you were leaving you shouted in your best Irish, "Aye, I've been thrown outta better places than this!"


Claire, you make me laugh. I can't give you a higher compliment than that.

Oh, and thank you for honoring me today. It's a pleasure to be friends with you.

Barry said...

Thanks for the award and congratulations on your bloggie anniversary.

Sorry to hear getting out of our country was such a pain.

Of course, now everyone has to show passports. Sure cut down on the number of American visitors we get.

Rudee said...

Oh Claire, thank you so much. I've as nervous as a schoolgirl at her first dance. I swear, that shawl is giving me fits. I'll know in a mere 17 hours. There will be photos.

The woman in my spinning group who helped judge at the fair this year is keeping quiet. Says she's sworn to secrecy.

Thanks for the award, and you can get into a bit of mischief, can't you? The problem with lying at the border is you need to keep your story straight in both directions!

nicole mountz said...

cant wait to post your love story dear :) thanks for the link and the shout out you're amazing!

Dede said...

Claire thank you so much for the kind words and the award! I love your blog because it is real! It has made me cry, laugh and wait in anticipation for the next post to see what has happened.
Congratulations on the one year anniversary too!