Wednesday, 26 August 2009

MeME award Part one (don't ask)

Hello to everyone! Well, before we go any further, has anyone noticed anything different around here? Yes, the links, pictures, awards....................A THIRD COLUMN? Yes, it's true. The very technically challenged Claire as had a major breakthrough in blog land. (Yes, I did it all myself.) Let me tell you how it all began.

Monday: In work, everything was fine and dandy, until nearing the end of my shift and I felt the need for the bathroom a few more times than is necessary. Unfortunately I had a very nasty bladder infection. It continued well into the night (stuck in the bathroom) and I rang my boss to say what was up and that i was going to the doctors the next morning pronto. (By the way Holly, after reading your post on cleaning the bathroom, lets just say my bathroom is sparkling right now!)

Anyway, doctors, potion, and feeling a lot better. "What has this got to do with your blog?" I hear you cry ( I just wanted a wee bit of sympathy before I told you OK?)

Well with this unexpected time off, I was at home and found myself searching through your lovely blogs. I love all the creativity and life surrounding them and the designs are fantastic. I wanted some!

So I made a large pot of coffee, stuck on some feel good tunes and researched (googled) until I found the person who could tell me how to complete (certainly in my eyes)this mammoth task. I had to edit the HTML (I know , I don't know what the hell it is either) and change some things around.

I had some tools with me, with paper and pen to write down what I had done (that's how bad it is) and eventually I did it! I nearly fell to my knees!This took me the whole day! I have no life! Confidence in blogging going up! (Wait and see, within two weeks I will probably wipe this whole blog page in some stupid attempt in going too far)

So maybe I am not technically challenged, maybe I just take my time. (Or don't pay enough attention. Either way really.)

Any road, on to Oscar's moment (that what awards are called in this blog!Why? Because that is what it feels like!)

Lovely Mel has given me this wee beauty:

The Me Me award. Basically it goes: I mention seven things you may or may not know about me and the pass it along to seven other blogs of your choice! Get comfy, I tend to go on a bit:

1. At one point of my life I was obsessed with the boy band Take That. Or more to the point Robbie Williams. At a tender thirteen years of age, I wrote a contract on fresh notebook paper and even used a Parker pen (to make it more authentic you see) to certify that I will never stop loving Robbie Williams no matter what. Signed Claire Hughes Williams. TLND (true love never dies) and showed it around all my friends in school (Take That fan club) just to point out I really loved him the best and if I ever met him, which I sooo would, I would show it to him. (Cringe overload)
I never knew what happened to that contract, I only know that one morning I woke up, grunted and became a grunger! (Thankfully this did not last too long, I was such as miserable git. I still love the rockin though!)

2. I love the Autumn. Love it! The thought of sticking on your wellies and going for a good ole crunch fest through the gorgeous carpet of gold and red leaves make me go Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
(Note: Please do not go into a field of fallen leaves which also occupy
cows at the heart of this season. Cows in the field means cow dung in the field. Underneath that golden carpet of leaves.
I tried to bust this theory that was given to me by big fella by kicking the leaves in his face one crisp autumn morning last year on a gallivanting day out. Turns out theory was in fact true! A very quiet drive back home ensued.)

3.) I love Marylin Monroe, (Everything.I just do) Victoria Beckham (She is very funny. She is.) and Drew Barrymore. (Who doesn't love Drew?)
Which seems to surprise a lot of people when I tell them that. Like saying "really,oh, I didn't think you would like her." What the hell is that supposed to mean?
What do these people do at night, actively think up what celebrities I could be interested in, judging by my personality and appearance? I would never do that! (Ahem)
I took the person up again on it recently and she said " Oh, I thought you said Marylin Manson." Ah, clears that one up then. I also reminded her that Marylin Manson is fact a man in which she didn't believe me. She didn't believe me about Prince either when I told her.

I have decided not to bore you too much and continue the top seven in tomorrows post. Just in case you fell asleep! (Also, the Oscars is about six hours long.) Pop by tomorrow for the count down from number 4 to number seven! Also the people I am nominating. All the best!


Holly said...

Well, looky looky looky at you Mizz Thang!

It's looking pretty you around here, most especially that header, but I'm sorry the quest for change was around a bladder infection. Yuk!

So, I'm liking the whole thing, the award, congrats and I'll be back tomorrow to check out the rest.

Oh, and if I could have inspired anything in your life, I'm not sure I would have chosen the cleaning of the loo, but whatever, I'm happy to be a part!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

We all have cringe overload secrets in our past, LOL! I was crazy about The Monkees, which was a boy band before that term existed. I know -- eeeewwww! Plus I'm dating myself back to the Pleistocene era by admitting it.

Cindy said...

Ha, love the new look. Maybe someday I will be coming for some help, without the cleaning of my bathroom. Love your header, very interesting, back tomorrow.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Looks GREAT! Congrats! It's a little empowering when you figure out you can do this stuff, isn't it?

One thing I can suggest, after screwing my own stuff up on occasion, is to open up another blog, copy this blogs html code into it, and then practice all your tooling over there, lol! Then when yo know it works, you can do it over here. That has saved me a bunch of time and frustration, lol!

clairedulalune said...

ah ha! Must do that! Knowing my luck an all! Haha! Thank you mrs B!

Dede said...

Congratulations on your award! Your blog looks great. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Follow this guy for great posts on blogging. He is just awesome. His instructions are really good too.


Rudee said...

The site looks great. I love the picture in your header.