Friday, 28 August 2009

I have a head like a scambled egg

Add ImageHello, well I wasn't expecting my pictures like
this but hey,let's just run with it.

I am resorting to writing lists for my blog, as I continue to miss out on things like Wish cast Wednesday and Friday shoot out I always forget, until I read about everybody elses! But now I have plucked up the courage (come on, only took me a year) and I have now committed myself to projects and I must remember them! (Mrs B I haven't forgot! I got you on my list!).

Time, slow down!

Does anyone feel like time is the image of every one's individual sand timers and sometimes is goes really fast and there is no way to stop it, you just gotta keeping running along with time or you will fall down?

The pictures in my collage if you like ha ha, is a snapshot of the week for me and the big fella. I was going to bore you with a big written spiel, but today I am writing a list to represent the pictures. I will all love a list don't we? I think you are probably thanking me right now. I did a two part series for a blog award for heaven's sake! Too much Claire!

Photo list:

* Watching the moon set through my big basil herb pot on the table.

*Scrying in the puddles.

* Stationary shopping!!!!! "Tis the season to be".........oh sorry,that's the next big season, right. ( found a treasure trove of a shop! Filled with nowt but stationary. Even had it hanging from the ceiling. Heaven.) September stands for stationary in my eyes.

*Autumn in the living room

* Big fella and me in a museum - stuck in the aquarium for two hours. He's a pisces, was can I say? He is just memorised by them.

*I let my friend eat my cake/bun/gorgeous/wrong/nearly didn't,
ice creamed finger when she called round unexpectedly the other day. Now that's friendship. I am keeping the photo though.

Hope all is going well for you and let the weekend commence!


Pamela said...

Hello, Claire! Gosh I haven't been on Blogspot much lately. It is good to come back and read some of your lovely posts.

I am also crazy about stationery and pens...I have a rather unhealthy addiction to any kind of art/writing/office supplies! LOL!

Have a terrific weekend, my friend!

clairedulalune said...

Hello Pamela, how strange I was just thinking about you while going through my blog! Great to hear from you and glad to hear you are obsessed with stationary as well!

Holly said...

Oh, new pens and paper! Yes!!!

Rudee said...

Have you checked off those things on that list as done? You're far more accomplished than me today! Your to-do lists are so long that I can see why you need all that ink.

Dede said...

WOW Claire! You have been busy with your blog. You changed the header again, like it. New ink and paper, does this mean that we will get to see more of your art anytime soon?