Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The one where she wanted to make a gingerbread house forgetting one important factor

Some things who may or may not know about me:
Series one, part one:

* I would love to make a ginger bread house. I always thought it was sooo Christmassy. I got all the ingredients for a basic one (I could not afford all the other decorations and stuff for it, and besides it's not even Christmas yet!) and got all excited as I thought "I haven't baked anything in ages!"

After work I searched like a demon for sugar, flour, dropped lottery tickets etc in a VERY busy supermarket, (which I detest) and paid quite a price for everything to boot! Then I waited 45 minutes on a bus which was full of sulky, screeching teenage school girls, who kept on banging me on the head with their book filled school bags as they the were making use the bus alise, pretending they were in a episode of project runway. I then dragged the seven bags of shopping (SOLELY made up of the gingerbread ingredients, plus a big bag of M&Ms. I was feeling naughty.) down my trillion mile long street.

I heaved the bags up the six flights of ungodly stairs and burst into my kitchen, collapsed on the floor, sweat weeping out of me,(well, it is a heatwave in July not December Claire.....) bags everywhere. As I gazed up I noticed a gaping hole in my oven and suddenly remembered it had blown up not so long ago.Ahh, so that's why I haven't baked in ages. THE BLOODY OVEN DOES NOT WORK.

Heavy with heart and BO, I vowed to make a pact with myself to make a gingerbread house if it dammed well killed me!
(exaggeration there, maybe if it give me the cold or something) and also to find some armpit perfume soon because I stunk! So here it is:

A much healthier version too, if I don't say so myself, (although the seashells can bit slightly crunchy and have sea salty taste.)
Now that you have read this tripe which I thank you for, go on over to our friend Sarah and show her some support and promise me that you will give her a hug.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

LOL! Your solution was brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Why Ms Claire, you clever girl you! What a great idea! And if the candles are scented, they will mask the BO aroma, so you won't have to worry about the deodorant!

As usual, I am mean "empathizing" with you throughout the post. My only question is..any luck finding the lotto ticket?

Off to hug Sarah - I adore her so!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I have to admit Claire, I so totally enjoy your posts! I was saying to my self when yous tarted out to buy the ingredients for the gingerbread house that I hoped you bought a package of graham crackers unless you got your oven fixed! I gather neither happened but your house is perfect..and creative! Already sent Sarah some hugs..and her's one for you & that oven..(((oven, Claire)))!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Boy, after reading that last comment I sent, you would think I was three sheets to the wind! Hic, hic... I'd better do spell checker before I check the post button..LOL!

mel said...

You know...I had totally forgotten about your oven until the end....:)

A very creative solution to your dilemma, I might add...

Are you ever going to get your oven fixed?

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hmmmmmm...i sort of expected that i would see a house built out of the m&m's. whatever could have happened to them?