Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Well, I have been getting my knickers in twist the past couple of weeks and I wasn't sure how much longer the big fella could take the constant whining and groaning and if I am honest, My best impression of a right ole sour face. (God knows I'm doing it, but sometimes I think he deserves it?)
But I digress. I was going through my blog list, seeing how you all are, you know, when I came across the lovely Audrey and saw that she had won an award. I was not at all surprised, but as always wanted to congratulate her as this lady truly deserves each one. I read her beautiful introduction that always has you struck by the pull of wanting to know where it would lead to, and the beautiful award she had received about building bridges, hence the title,and she had dedicating it to bloggers she felt were part of this bridge building process, and I was shocked startled and amazed that one was me! I will spread this beautiful award around like wild fire, but for now I am basking in my happy glow!
Audrey's blog is heart on your sleeve, word weaving and clarity throughout. I am now ashamed of the way I have been behaving, punishing people because of my bleakness. It would seem I am always moaning about something instead of doing something about it, and Audrey has giving me courage and a kick up the jacksy, and as the big fella would say "have a word with yourself". Please read her post on the award as she tells it all so much better than I do. (you are lucky you are even reading this, the way I am, Audrey will explain all.) So Audrey, I truly thank you, and I can see the moon blooming through my window, and will wish on her for you tonight.

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Anonymous said...

You are most welcome, and most deserving. Seriously...I LOVE visiting your blog to see what you and the big fella have been up! You are such a doll, and you deserve a ton of awards!

Your verification word is "phyter," not a word I associate with you! The big fella, maybe, but not you!!!