Thursday, 28 May 2009

have a's for a good cause

Check me out! I made this! Really! My very first lemon meringue pie! I had to take a picture
before it got scoffed. (By me). Every bit was made from scratch, even the pastry, ( I had to
prove myself.) This all started when myself and the big fella got into the untidy and
uncomfortable habit of buying a packet of scones and devouring them in bed while watching
telly. Crumbs and jam, how romantic! Anyhoo, I thought it would be cheaper (and give me a
chance to either show off, or piss myself off) if I made them myself! So I did! Loverly! (Thanks
for that one Audrey!). After all my boasting and gloating to the big fella, he had enough and said
anyone could have made them (how dare he!?!) So he dared me to make his favourite, lemon
meringue pie. I came over all Monica Geller and met his challenge by looking up the easiest
recipe on the net, ( I think it was from a kindergarten website) and vowed to make the best pie
ever. So just to totally win, I must stuff my face with this pie before he gets in and has any! I
know you can help me with this one! Here, have a slice, ..................I don't want to cut
it........................oh's gone. Yum! Victory is mine!


clairedulalune said...

Hey fellow bloggers, i am trying to make my posts more tidy shall we say, but now it looks like i have written a sonnet! Oh dear!

Anonymous said... totally crack me up! First up....You are indeed a wee bit technologically challenged.
#2. Love the Monica Geller reference! As long as you win, who cares that it is a kindergarten recipe!
#3. Lemon meringue is my favorite - gotta go with the big fella on that one!
#4. You're welcome!

clairedulalune said...

You must have the biggest slice Audrey!

Hibiscus Moon said...

Oh yum! That would taset really good right now.

Rose said...

I love lemon meringue! Will be thinking up some lovely questions this weekend! X

Rose said...

Ok! Here are your interview questions...

1) When you first set up your blog you didn't post very frequently. What happened to change the way you use your blog?

2) What advice would you give to someone moving in with a partner for the first time?

3) What is the funniest or most bizarre thing one of the children in your care has ever said to you that is repeatable?

4) I want to hear about you and mermaids... Why mermaids? What got you started on them? What is your favourite mermaid possession, be it in a book or otherwise?

5) What is your favourite aromatherapy oil and why?

Rose said...

ooh and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Well you sure deserve a pat on the back! It looks great. Out of all the pies around I love lemon merange.

CJ xx

Sarah Sullivan said...

Audrey I demand you share - lol. Wonderful post hon - I adore lemon pie - my very favorite - try it with lemon cream cheese on the bottom - OMG - to die for. BTW that pie looks freaking amazing!! Yes Audrey must share her big piece.
I love your blog - you totally crack me up and you my dear have a gift - keep it up!!
Can't wait to see the interview!!!
Hugs, Sarah