Friday, 5 June 2009

I found some time! ( I am such a liar, I have it, I just do not use it effectively. Lair, lair, pants on fire! There! That told me!) Any road, the time has come to in visualise myself on 60 minutes (make that thirty) cause it's interview time! ( By the way, if it was in movie land, I would like Angelina Jolie to play me, stop snickering!)Don't go to another blog yet, here me out. Trust me, you will forget all this soon.

The lovely Rose at did some intense research on my blog,( God love her) so intense that as I read the questions I thought, " How the hell does she know all this? She truly is a witch!" Until I actually dredged through my blog and saw what I had written about. Some crap amongst it, I must be boring beyond believe. Ah well, ignorance is bliss........... until now. Let me bore you just that little bit more.

1) When you first set up your blog you didn't post frequently. What happened to make you change the way you use your blog?

See above paragraph. To be honest, I had never heard of it in my life, and I was searching for activities to do with children in work, and I delved deep into google search, beyond the horizon, page 11! Yes, 11! I know, I am thinking the same "is there nothing this woman can't do?" or from another point of view " Jesus, she really is a bore!"

Back to point. I came across by a lovely lady called Sandra, who is homeschooling her children with amazing activities. The reason I totally loved it? Is because the lady was from America and her posts and pictures were beautiful and reminded me of my childhood. I have been really lucky to have aunt live there and I lived with her a few times. ( Let's just say I could write a book on my own childhood). So, when times got really, really scary, I was sent to live with her. I loved it! She lived in the beautiful garden state, New Jersey in the country in a house with the next neighbours miles away. I have amazing, fond times of amazing people and wondrous places, such as a 24hour Christmas warehouse open everyday of the year! Mind boggling for a seven year old girl from wee place in Belfast which had, a pub, a shop, which was inside the pub and the army standing at the corner! I plan to live in the US some day.

So you could say, my memories where restored by her posts and photos and I was hooked. Unfortunately, all I did was work, work, work and I had nothing to write about. So that's why I didn't really write much stuff, instead content to be a noisy git into other people's lives. Until everything changed and a) I moved to my flat and b) I GOT A FOLLOWER! Oh my God, even remembering the feeling makes me giddy and a wee bit embarrassed. Then I moved and I wanted everyone to know about it! But reading other blogs give me courage and inspiration in buckets loads and I realise I actually want to know how these people are so I followed and got followed back and it's a lovely little community and I love it!

2) What advice would you give to someone moving in with their partner for the first time?

Don't. I'm kidding! To be honest, I wasn't too hot on the idea to start with. I was quite happy sharing a house with my wee mate and having a good ole girly time! But, my friend just got her house redone, I want her to enjoy it, and the big fella was staying in my room almost every night, and we sort of needed our own space if you know what I mean. I was heart broken on leaving my friend, but we have some brilliant funny memories and we meet up all the time!

Boys are messy, and more often think that we will do everything for them. (Don't worry, he's trained now. I just gave him the ole "Claire stare" a couple of times, did the trick.) My advice is to think clearly about how that person lives before you move in. If their room is messy, the house is gonna be messy, unless you clean it. That sorta thing. Such as, I knew the big fella was bringing a electric bass guitar, but luckily I also knew how to dislodge the fuse from the plug of that guitar and hide it.

Another classic is when you feel like you have done the cooking one too many times, burn it once or twice, (eat beforehand. Think with the head, feet are for dancing.)
He will declare that I can't cook, ( for those in the know, merguine anyone?) Then proceed to make it himself, perfect for blogging time. How do you think I am writing all this? Smells good!
So as you can see, it's not all bad.

3) What is the funniest or most bizarre thing a child in your care has said to you that is repeatable?

This is the part where I thought Rose had amazing physic insight into my life! I thought I didn't write anything about work. I will tell you why. I started of this blog in the mind of passing on activities to do with children form 0 -5 years old.

But I realised, that is a huge part of my life, and constant thoughts of child protection, child abuse and poverty as I work in a hugely deprived area, I needed a outlet. I am always thinking of ways to improve the quality of life for these children and their families. That can become soul destroying, and I needed to remember to look after myself as well, and this as helped tons! Perspective I think is the word I am looking for.

( At this point, someone will pass me some tissues and someone in the audience will run over and hug me with a huge bunch of flowers. Remember, I am on 60/30 minutes and I am Angelina Jolie. Stop laughing!)
Sometimes I fell like that doctor guy out of scrubs who always daydreams. Hehe, that a funny show!

Once again, back to point. There is nothing I love more than having a conversation with a three old. Kids are funny! This young chap was sitting on my knee at circle time, where about 100 people were in the room watching and was also being televised for Liverpool's 800th birthday. ( Can you see where this is going? I am going purple thinking about it)
We where talking about his pet dog or something when he stared at my chest and said, "my what are those? " and started giggling uncontrollably.Into the microphone. I was laughing as well until he repeated it, and repeated it, in a screaming laugh apparently pointing a my knockers. I wouldn't know, I had passed out with shame at that point. My boobs are massive. I'm not showing off about this. This is what happens when the kid looks lopsided sitting on my knee because them.

4) I want to know about you and mermaids...........why mermaids? What got you started on them? What is your favourite mermaid procession or book?

Ahh, my mermaid pictures! I had a set of little books called the lady bird collection of fables and children's literature and I loved The little mermaid, especially the drawings in them. My dad used to take me swimming every Saturday and I was in love with the water and wanted to be a mermaid. Everything was so calm under the water. Solitude. I was very lucky my dad taught us how to swim from year dot. Ever since then, anything to do with mermaids, I was on it. I starting drawing them one day after seeing a beautiful piece of artwork in a shop window and wanted it for myself. Short from stealing it, I decided I would have to make my own, so I did. I love drawing them, but I am not very good at it.

5) What is your favourite aromatherapy oil and why?

It's an old ciche, but it depends on my mood! But my sooper dooper favourite oil has to be geranium. It's just wonderful in a oil burner and it smells divine. It counteracts depression and lifts the spirits. Self explanatory really and loverly smell to boot! ( Round of a applause for Audrey from the audience please!)

So that's the interview over! Thank you to my interviewer Rose, who had provided these insightful questions! I will cancel the next months therapy sessions. In the next epidsode, Claire will talk about how amazing Cindy at really is and how to keep man from getting out of laudry duties! Thank you, you have been a great audience, You stay classy.

(Fade to black)


Rose said...

Thank you! XX I enjoyed your answers!

Sarah Sullivan said...

Ok - going down the line here....
I would like to be played by Emma Thompson... giggle - loove her.
Yup men are messy - don't live with one unless very very necessary - although I do adore mine - most of the time. Giggle snort loved your answer!!
LMAO - I can't tell you how many times a kiddo lovingly felt me up - no sexual inuendo - just loving on me - I usually move the hand away and try not to crack up. One day I was holding a 2 year old that was patting me and her mom goes - ZOE you are only suppose to do that to me!!! Again with the snorting. Wonderful - in front of all those people - you are amazing girl!! Giggle snort!
Oh and love the mermaids too - I used to pretend I had a tail when I was swimming - are you sure you are not a long lost sister???!!
Seriously - wonderful interview, You are so wickedly funny hon!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!
Hugs and giggles, Sarah

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I am have got to have one of the wittiest minds I have come across! I rarely get to work with young kids but Just couldn't stop laughing at the scenario. I'm sure Angelina would have been cracking up as well. messes but after a while...I'm going on 30 years...we can mold them into REAL human beings that cook and clean!
Enjoyed the interview...I needed that belly laugh today!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, and amusing, as always Claire! As for your next post... I think you got your wording mixed up, didn't you mean "Keeping a man doing laundry is truly amazing" I don't know, though, when mine gets his hands in the laundry, things never go quite right. It's much simpler (safer) to do it myself!
Love your blog girl!

mel said...

Oh my goddess but you are freakin' hilarious...thanks for the giant grin...

Great answers...Rose rocks, doesn't she? *grin*

PS I'm about to dole out my watermelons..I hadn't forgotten...just taking a bloggy break...

~brightest blessings~

HA! The word verification is 'boypen'...which is where we should keep them sometimes, I think...I agree - boys are messy

Holly said...

Sorry I've been personae non gratia for a bit...but I'm back to take a read and I want you to know that I loved learning more about you. Especially the bit about wanting to live in the U.S.

We Humans are a funny lot...all of us who live here dream of living there.

LissaL said...

This mermaid has burnt dinner many a time (not on purpose) and the MAN rarely does cook. What am I doing wrong? But I have gotten him to do laundry, so I guess that is something.Suggestion: If it is movie land, forget Jolie-play yourself and grab Brad Pitt:)