Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Shhh, don't tell them.

QUICK POST! I couldn't resist! I have so much thank yous, and big ups to give out (Big ups, haha, i'm cracking up myself) on this little ole blog of mine, it will have to be a weekender. (As I write this, I haven't done sod all since I ate a giant bowl of pasta, about fours hours ago so, I will just ruin the self illusion that I didn't have time, I am just a lazy(greedy) git.) But I wanted to tell you this: Nobody knows about my blog. (GASP!) Not my friends, my family, just the big fella, but he doesn't remember anything I say after a period of around five minutes, which is great when I need money.

I am on facebook. I have not logged in for six months in fear that someone I really don't want to speak to will be online or worse, add me as a friend. I feel terrible having the dilemma of (certainly not rejecting, that would be two faced) of adding them as a friend, knowing full well if I really wanted to speak to them, I would have found them first? Not all of them of course, I love keeping in touch with people I have met and have fond memories of. But what about the people you would rather forget? It's like getting into the ocean knowing a great white shark could be in these waters!! (Sorry, just bought Jaws 1, 2, 3 , and 4 The Revenge DVD box set. In case your asking, it's down hill after two.)

But no one I know, knows about blogging. (Trust me, I work with a 15 strong ratio of women aged 18 - 23. I know all there is to know about how to become a Hanna Montana fan on facebook, bebo, the works. But nowt about blogging. Sorry Hanna.) If they don't know, I know something they don't know. If you know what I mean.

That makes me and us hip! I like that air of mystery that only I know. I recently made the near fatal mistake of blurting out to one of my friends that I have a blog, I won an award, so it was a award winning blog! ( I couldn't help it, I was so excited!) Luckily, she just looked at me and said, "You are so Random! So Kooky!" and starting asking me if the beige carpet goes with the beige curtains which compliment the champagne walls? Crisis averted.

I like the fact that this is my little getaway and my little haven, so thanks everyone and I really love reading your posts! Hope you are all happy and well!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i am sooo with you on this. when i started my blog i told one of my friends. she went to it and showed no interest at all and then took off on vacation for three weeks and thankfully forgot about the blog. i live in fear that neighbors find out about it. but i have this wonderful accepting community that is MINE!!! HA!!!! i LOVE it!

mel said...

Oh my but this is just so freakin' funny....I avoid facebook for exactly the same reason!!! *giggles* I was there a few days ago but only to add some of my blog peeps to my friend list....still probably won't go back for another eternity...

Happy to be hiding here with you....

Anonymous said...

You are officially the funniest blogger that I know! You absolutely crack me up! In a good way! Keep writing - it makes me so happy to read your stories.

Speaking of which, the last couple of your posts I was "reading challenged" due to no fault of my own. Blogger is doing VERY weird things - I start reading a blog and suddenly the system shuts down. So...I AM trying to read. This one worked - I will go back and read the others later on tonight.

Oh and Claire...your secret is safe with me! I promise not to tell any of your family and tight friends!

Hibiscus Moon said...

Firstly, Congratulations.

I alos don't tel;l anyone about my blog b/c if I feel like venting about something that I won't anyone tha tI know in everyday life to know about, I can do it onmy a diary. Yes, my online buddies will know, but somehow that's OK. I also avoid my Facebook account for the very same reason. Someone should look into that. ;)

Holly said...

Ah, the sweetest thing is to have a secret right out in the open, isn't it?!

If you had my family, you'd never need to worry about it...they never read my stuff...go figure!


Unknown said...

I kept my blog secret for a long time, but I've started telling people... not sure why. They really don't get it though, and yep, forget about it instantly, so weird!