Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I have just received an AWARD! Whoop!Thank you so much to Rose at http://livingwiccy.blogspot.com/ for this grand award! Go and check out her blog,it is wonderful, especially her 101 things list! There really is 101 things on there! Thank you Rose for making my day! I understand that some readers have received tons of awards, including this one I am going to pass on. You are probably looking at your computer screen reading this saying, "calm down love!" ( You think this is bad, you got to see the comment I left poor Rose when I found out!) But it's my first one. This is like the Oscars to me! But I am starting to realise I need some vitamin D, and I started work again, so what a wonderful way to end my two weeks off! Chuffed to bits! So, what's next you ask? Glad you did. I now am going to pass the award on to 15 blogs I have gotten to know recently, and spread the word you know, getting to explore new blogs ( Rose explains this all so much better, I tend to go off the beaten track a bit. As you can see) And the award goes to..................(here comes the science, I am going to attempt to tag, Lord 'elp us!)
http://hibiscusmoon/ - This lovely lady has been with me from the start, and I simply thought of this blog first. Never forgotten, and thank you for the lovely comments, uplifting and warm. A wonderful blog, with some daring recipes of magical potions and inspiring teacher.
http://ohforthelovelofblog.blogspot.com/ - The first blog where I read the recent post, and went straight to the start to start at the beginning. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Witty, sharp and definitely real, always enjoy reading.
http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/- Jaz recently found me, and invited me to visit her blog, as she thought I may be interested. Well, I am not interested. I'm obsessed. I can't stop looking at her blog with her amazing collection of witches. She is in possession of the spell book from one of my favourite films, if not just for the house ,Practical Magic. She knows mee soooo weeellll! (Elaine Paige impression).
http://crystaljigsaw.blogspot.com/ - Wonderful blog, hearing about the ongoings of her beautifully written novel. I read in a recent post she mentioned she was feeling melancholy due to a piece she was writing in her story about a death. This shows how dedicated she is and how much she believes in her work and lives through her characters, and that's amazing to me and I only hope this award cheers her up and carry on writing with her wonderful heart and soul.
http://cottagegardenstudio.blogspot.com/ - The wonderful Sarah. This lady cheered me right up with her enchanting artwork and thoughtful words. Then to top it all off, I was chosen in her art giveaway. Honoured with tears of joy when I got word. Her artwork captures me every time.
http://hollydieter.blogspot.com/ - A force to be reckoned with! An amazing way with words, Holly is the owner of this blog and she just got her very own camera! Is also my blog guru, helping me out in the maze of technology I just can't grip. Holly writes posts you can't help but read! I dare you not to read a post from her blog.
http://stage3whome.blogspot.com/ - Audrey is a open, warm, brave and courageous, bringing awareness with amazing grace and clarity. I double dare you.
http://momentsofperfectclarity.blogspot.com/ - Julochka is having a blog camp in her AMAZING home, definitely worth a look. She already has 729 followers and counting to boot! Empress of the blogs!
http://starlightjourney.blogspot.com/ - Jackie is an illustrator and her work is just spellbinding. If you want to see imaginations of your childhood of mermaids, pirates, and dragons ( and don't we all) come look at her amazing gift. Wonderful to see her work in progress every time.
http://atouchofinspiration.blogspot.com/ - As the ole saying goes, "It's all in the name". Pamela's blog is inspiring, thought provoking, and has a lovely way with lists!
http://gypsy-warrior.blogspot.com/ Ah, Jennifer. Such a lovely outlook on life and inspires me to do likewise. from 1st May until 7th May, (which is her b'day!) she is celebrating the days in the greatest of ways. Happy Birthday Jennifer!
http://mybamblepatch.blogspot.com/ - Pamela has a lovely way to draw you into her posts, through her words, photographs and creativity. Pamela is taking part in the Everyday in May challenge. I look forward to her posts!
http://colormekatie.blogspot.com/ - This is a fantastic blog of fun. Katie paints fun in everyday life through her photography. She is all about the fun. Every post original and creative. Check it out of a pick me up. Sure to make you smile.
http://nocturalknitwitch.blogspot.com/ - Amazing collection of sewing machines! Fantastic knitter with a twist! A gem of a find and I love the lady's name who is called Moon!
http://alittlehouseintheclouds.blogspot.com/ - this is one of my most recent finds, and it is one of the favs. Very funny lady, who creates posts through everyday life with laughter. Always look over old posts for a good ole belly laugh!
So there you have it, to be honest you all deserve a award for reading all that! I pass the blog on to anyone not on the list as well! I'm knackered! I actually think I put more effort into that blog than my actual job! Not good. I realise that some of the blogs on the list, if not all of them, have already received this award, it is free to do as you wish with it, I just think you deserve it!


Anonymous said...

This is a great honour. Each and every award is wholey appreciated with no exceptions.

Your kind words have touched me. I'm off to read some of these other nominations.

Thank you dear heart.
CJ xx

Jen said...

Thank you and I do not mind at all. I am happy you liked the Dreamboard idea for children.

Thank you so much for this wonderful award!~

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Congrats to you!! Don't worry about the links working...we'll just paste and view...AND enjoy!!

molly said...

Holy Cow! WoW! THank you, that is so very nice of you... I'm glad you dig it, i love doing it.

Pamela said...

Congratulations, Claire! You do have a very lovely blog and I enjoy your fresh voice.

Pamela said...


Thank you SO much for this award! It is definitely an honor and deeply appreciated.

Big hugs!


Molly said...

Thanks Claire!!!
I'll definitely visit some of your other recommendations too.

Pamela said...

Oh my gosh, THANK YOU for thinking of me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I will be visiting and reading each and every one of the other blogs you have listed here, too :)

Now that my finals are all done in school, I can get back to some serious posting!

Holly said...

And, I add my thanks for your generous words about my words!
Big Blog Hugs,