Monday, 4 May 2009

Freaky Deaky

(Please ignore the crumbling nappy in the right hand top corner. Shudder.)

So, today is my last official day off, thank you bank holiday for a extra day to do everything I as supposed to do over two weeks. Any hoo, I was this morning(huffing and puffing) getting some laundry done. I should not complain at all because the Laundry room is just across the road and it is free. I will keep it zipped. If you want to hear a funny story about laundry go here Oh look at me, i made a link)and go to My beautiful laundrette post. Guranteed to make you laugh. I misjudged a timing in one of my loads and realised I had fifteen minutes to spare. I did not want to stand there staring at the washing machine, (I heard when it goes on spin cycle, it hypnotises you.) So I went for a walk along the lovely prom and have a snoop. It s seems I had also misjudged the weather as it was W.I.N.D.Y. Self done hair do ruined. I look like Medusa. But I braved it, and look what I found. Strewn all along the sea bed was a tarot deck. I could not really see the cards descriptions but they were tarot cards alright!Despite the winds, they did not move. Maybe the sea was having her cards read before the tide came in!
I have to say, since I have moved to my beautiful surroundings, I have found the place a bit like Alice in wonderland. First of all, its just like turning down a street in the middle of a busy road, and turn down into a different world. The houses are amazing. Spellbinding, stepped in history, which I am more than eager to find out about. Everyone is completely different, grand and standing tall and elegant, every one with exotic and enchanting gardens. In the middle of the street between to houses is a little patch of land, which has graced everyone with daffodils, and now beautiful bluebells. Magical! The street lamps are all Victorian just adding to the feel. A wonderful walk in any weather. Then there are the neighbours. Granted I have not been properly acquainted with many, but yet their very day presence, runs smoothly into the ways of everyday life. For example,our front door is facing a another and there is the excentric if not a little strange old man who blasts Italian ballads and stands at the window shouting and laughing in Italian. To who, I don't know. Never the less, the distant sway of his music and laughter is a nice, regular feeling. A nice backdrop of hustle and bustle. Then we have the Opera singer who lives next to the laundry room. I often hear him and his piano practicing uplifting, powerful notes, with the drumming in the turning of the dryer giving him beat. Then at the bottom of the road, the view. OH.MY.GOD. I never thought a city would have such beautiful spots and for me to live here, with a big fella who not only takes care of me, he puts up with me, (I can be a cow) and I will always be grateful. I see the sun set and the moon rise every night,(weather permitting most times) and they say the best things in life are free, well the view is priceless. The weather is a also part of the mystical way. It can be like four seasons in one day here. The flat seems to breathe in wind giving it a pulse. It even makes that whooo noise brushing throughout the flat leaving me looking like I have been on a motor bike with no helmet on. Also, to to put the cherry on my cake, it is affordable! My childhood dreams coming true! So off I go to clean, for it has been neglected for two weeks and my, can you tell! ( I wish I could post more photos but myself and uploader are fighting at the moment, but we struggle on!) I think it is turning into one of my favourite places ever! Hope you are all happy and well!


Pamela said...

Wonderful post! Love the descriptions, you really painted a nice mental picture. What a blessing to actually get to live your childhood dreams! :)

How peculiar about the Tarot cards...I wonder what the story behind that is!

Sarah Sullivan said...

Beautiful - I felt like I was there! Do you own the flat there - or are you on holiday - it is stunning!!! Namaste, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Great post - I loved the concept of the sea having her tarot cards read - that was really clever! And your neighborhood sounds so incredible - I love exploring new neighborhoods.Such fun!

Rose said...

hey Claire

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Rose said...

Hey Claire

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Pamela said...

I'm enjoying getting to know you through your blog.

Your home sounds lovely! I like the way you describe it so I feel as if I'm right there.

I hope you enjoy PoemCrazy. I have to say that since I've started reading it, I feel more freedom to play around with words.

Take care,


Holly said...

Fun Claire of the Moon!

I enjoyed this. Especially finding the Tarot cards! Wonder who got frustrated and pitched them?

And, I want to give you another tip...

The computer doesn't work like a typewriter, and in the case of blogger, you can't indent to visually seperate the paragraphs. The computer only sees block of text.

If you want to seperate your thoughts. Simply hit enter twice and it will give you a space between the 'blocks'; it's the best we can do with the typeset limitations.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i know...i still can't believe i got the spellbook. i want to scream each time i look at it! i am going to post as much of my collection as i can so stop back for a peek. i have some really cool items! joyce

molly said...

i'm glad you told me those were tarot cards there...i really had no idea what i was looking at, besides the nappy, of course!