Tuesday, 17 February 2009

and i mean every word of it.

"your'e just plain lazy, your'e thinking is crazy!"

This verse is taken from a song, by the incrediable singer Nina Simone. I have a situation in the work place, (which is a completely other blog page, trust me) which leaves me baffled, and disappointed. To be honest, its not my situation, but because the position i have in work means its becomes my problem. Basically, i work with approx twenty staff, and they are all female. Do you know where im going with this yet? When did it get to the point where women became the enemy to themselves? Im not going to get all womens rights on you, but i find its hard to trust people who contanstly talk about EVERYBODY it would seem at times, to a point where anyone entering the room, when they leave it again, a trial of negatives comments falls like ash in their wake. Its just really sad i think, and it leaves a bitter taste for days after. I often think, if they didnt spend so much time thinking up at times nasty comments, and starting putting everything in perspective, and doing their job effectively, their would not be something to moan about. I was very lucky as my mother always taught me to appreciate being a female, and the reasons why. This has been sometimes lost by green eyed jealousy i have found engulfing everything. It leaves me drained. Just a shame, but trust me will be recifyed and dealt with. I want the team to support each other, but honestly my backing is breaking, as well as my heart i guess.I just wonder then, what are they sayig about me? Rant over. Sorry. Hope you are all well!

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