Saturday, 14 February 2009

i'm back!

Well, we have moved in and loving it! The only problem was there was no internet connection! But i didnt care, as the view simply knocks me for six everytime and i end up spending hours just staring out the window! But we are all connected now, and already i have found im addicted once again and have found that i have been mssing everyone and loved catching up on all the lastest news! I have to go now as i'm a very lucky girl as big T is making a lovely valentines dinner! Yum! (and between you and me, about time!) I will write properly soon, Im going to look out the window. The dinner may be burned yet! Hope you are all doing well! Great to back!


Hibiscus Moon said...

Mu gosh! That view is amazing.

Sandra Lundy said...

Wow! What a view....just heavenly! Congrats on getting moved in! Enjoy your Valentine's day :)

Julia Guthrie said... envious am I at your view!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hibiscus Moon said...

You’ve been tagged. I just linked your blog to my Nightstand Tag post. Please take a look so you know what to do next. :)