Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Oh, i am in the mood for a blog

Spring time is upon us! I love seeing the buds in the trees, the bulbs pushing forward to greet the sun, the light on my face, and my background track of the waves coming in is bliss. Unfortunately i have none concept of time anymore, which in turn is making me fill quite disorganised! Will work on that!
I should have known what he was up to when he bought these little beauty's. All eight of them for £8.00 EACH!!!! Please do not do the maths for me, i am still fragile! I would like to think for that price the would put the coffee on as well!

It was the big fellas birthday this week and I took two days off and last week he said, inside of going out to celebrate he wanted to spend MY money on a coffee machine. Besides he said, "I'm working a double shift on my birthday." Let's just say, I'm glad i was not having a drink when he said that.It was very expensive and i have tears in my eyes with the absolute din that it makes! I had the whole day for his birthday planned, ah well i will drink my latte and say no more about it! Silly man!

Ohhh, we went to the market one Sunday and I came back with my dream lamp! I have always wanted a Tiffany lamp! It was £70.00 and bagged it for £50.00. Job done. Oh, i do not want to look at my bank statement this month! Ekk!

I found this gem in a local supermarket. a young jasmine plant hoop, for £1.99!With the flowers just about to bud, i can not wait for the beautiful aroma fills the rooms! I have always wanted something to represent the moon and i feel it was just in time, for the next day I was rewarded with the most beautiful, huge moon hanging low in the sky. It was breath taking.

I apologise for my appalling photo skills and tools. It looks amazing from the naked eye at least! The moon was soo big! The picture does it no justice what so ever. I was quite annoyed actually and have vowed now to try and save up and get a good camera, as there is always beauty in the every day things.

Finally... The big lad and myself into town to buy a rug for the living room as coffee and beige carpet do not mix! We actually were very lucky today as it was £80.00 when the big lad went to see it. I demanded to see it first before ANY decision was made by both of us. (Insert a round of applause here if you wish). Wasn't too thrilled about price any road, but was then told by the lovely salesman that it had been reduced to £30.00 and we had a voucher for £10.00 off! Bargain! Yet... It's a case of getting used too. I guess that Persian rug will have to wait......... Hope you are all well!


Hibiscus Moon said...

Good to see you posting again. Moving alwasy brings a lot of shopping afterwards to find items to fit the new place. Its the fun part of moving...the only fun part.

Julia Guthrie said...

ooh gorgeous Tiffany lamp (I want one too:)) & envious of your jasmin buy! Love the smell of jasmin:)