Friday, 29 October 2010

A Halloween Adventure!

Wee doggie was very pleased to see us, just as we had been by sighting him in the local doggie groomers.
"My dear chaps, how have you been? Lost without me I'm sure! I was just going to pop round to yours for a brandy and laugh endlessly at your beast of a hairdo and your fight to tame it! But this is even better! I can do it now in public!"

Well, despite the long time separation, nothing much has changed.
Wee doggie suggested we get in the car and go for a spin.

As we drove along wee doggie suddenly looked out the car window and squealed with delight!"Oh look!" he cried,


"I want to show you something! Look at me for goodness sake!"

Wee doggie was demanding our attention and tiptoeing on hind legs by the window.
"Look at them in the other car there,look! Watching cute little me with no ears....... "

"But wait.........."

"POP!! Hahaha! I do have ears! Did you see what I did there? Did you? Anybody? Silly creatures......"

Wee doggie was very pleased with himself, scaring the lives out of other drivers and being a general nuisance barking orders at big fella to drive.............

"Left here! No here! I said right! Look at me fool!...... Now look what you did, we knocked over a bin! In Broad daylight! Perfect!"

Just as big fella was about to stop the car and kindly throw wee doggie out of the car for bad manners, he begin playing with the radio, the cheek!

Strange weaving tones and deep male voice choirs that sang of swaying through the autumn winds, swirled around in the air and through our ears and everything was so very hazy.............

We found ourselves lying on a soft bed of moss, grass and leaves

and a mushroom just in front of me. We stood up and found wee doggie sniffing and grunting through the grass. He went left.....

he went right

until I finally asked what he was looking for.

"The mushroom switch of course you silly girl! Why i bother...."

I grumpily pointed at the mushroom I saw (I nearly didn't) and wee doggie pranced over.

"Ah! I found it!"he cried much to our disbelief. He flicked the mushroom with his paw and then the pathway opened up before our eyes and lined with trees.

" Now time to be serious!" whispered wee doggie. " The time has come to celebrate the old life of the trees into new. All the trees gather on All hallows eve to celebrate Autumn and shedding the leaves of old for winter. They walk, sing and sway along this path as the sun begins to wane and walk to old tree man to hear life long stories. now as you humans say, respect your elders!"

As we walked along we came across this fellow.
"Ah Hallo there and welcome to the annual pathway of the tree walk. I am your host for the waning sun start only because I grew between these two gates."

"The other trees warned me as a seed not to grow and live here, but would I listen, oh no.............."

Then suddenly there was a low hum of beautiful song and distant thuds and the trees became alive like a huge gust of wind.

There was a intake of breath and the trapped tree bowed his branches.

"It has begun!"

Coming running up the pathway first was who, wee doggie whispered, was called the boo tree.

" BOO! BOO! BOO!" The boo tree cried as he rushed pasted us.

"Terrible tragedy really, lovely fellow he was, as soon as those fancy portable DVD players came out couple of years back a silly family took their son here, spending hours sitting by his trunk watching Casper the Ghost repeatably, it turned into a family tradition week in week out... drove the poor tree mad."

As the tree parade grew, trees showed off their arm muscles while going past ,

and the trees walked together, more arriving by the second, while some displayed their green moss tattoos,

Other trees bristled past, all eager and excited to see the old man tree and for the one time in the year, a good walk about.
all types, shapes and sizes singing low and magical tunes, until thuds shook the whole foundations and where thundering very close, until suddenly a huge foot clamped down in front of us!

The tree must have been massive and I didn't want to look up!

and he was!

The tree sailed slowly over us
and onwards up the path.

Letting the sunset through the branches,

until trees were nearly out of sight.

We all just stood there dumbstruck until wee doggie ran on, shouting to keep up or we would miss it!

Then as we got to the crowd of trees, we weaved and climbed over roots to the front and there he was. Old tree man!
As he was so tired from being so old, he only spoke this one day and We should listen and learn. we sat down ready with open ears.

Then he began to sing:

"Thank you Friends,one and all,

ones standing short and those who stand tall,

thank you for being here,

also to the humans who have the magic to hear..............

and then all the trees joined in:

"We the trees, young and old

we have the same story to be told

We begin young and we grow old
and you who have joined us with an ear to hear,
will have happiness for the next year!"

we thanked the old tree man for the blessing and he told us to go the sundial beside him and read the words written on it out aloud,
" I am silent without the sun" we read and the sun began to set over us

as did the day.....

and the trees all shook their branches and their golden crispy leaves fell all round us like confetti............
until we found ourselves back home with wee doggie lying on my lap murmuring of how he missed us

and how he could not wait for our next adventure.
Happy Halloween everybody! I am so sorry I have not been around, it is very hard to get on my blog in the last couple of months (I wanted to put this up ages ago) and I only hope you can read this! Hope you are all well, take care and enjoy the holiday!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I was just thinking of you today, Claire, and how long it's been since wee doggie took you on an adventure! And now here you have posted a wonderful adventure among the trees! I love the idea of green moss tattoos! Happy Halloween to you, big fella and wee doggie too!

Cindy said...

Claire, so glad to read your story, I loved all the tree photos, glad you are well, have missed you that is for sure. happy halloween to you all.

Holly said...

Claire, the New Year made me think of you and I thought I'd try to see what you've been up to!

Samhain magic! I am able to read your story and once again I am delighted by your clever mind and ability to weave a tale.

I miss you and think of you often. Bright Blessing both near and far, Dear One!

Bella Sinclair said...

Claire! So wonderful to see you again. I've been meaning to pop by sooner. I was admiring the beautiful drawing you sent me and thinking of you just recently, in fact.

Aaah, how I've missed wee doggy and your adventures. Absolutely, tremendously magical tale! A tree parade! And my goodness, what a fantastical display, too. Strong arms, moss tattoo.... and WOW, old tree man was REAL! Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa, he is quite gorgeous! Especially for being ages old and all.

Hope you've been well, my sweet!

Bella Sinclair said...

Merry Christmas, wee doggie! I hope Santa brings you a gigantic, juicy bone!

Anonymous said...

Such talent! I want to see these stories on the bookshelves of Waterstones! xx