Monday, 31 May 2010

A Creative Weekend

Hello, hello, hello everybody! Doesn't time just fly by? How are we all doing? I hope this post finds you well!

Well, this weekend I got creative. Real creative. My email decided to go kaput on me, (OK, it was me. I pressed a wrong button. Again) So I could not blog or check emails! So I put my time to something else. I had loads of wee projects on the go and needed doing. Or getting started with.

Here's what I did.

I always loved the idea of pressed flowers on a pillar candle. I always wondered how that happened. I decided to do some research. I found a long lost book on the shelf all about candle making and design. You see this kind of book can be very dangerous for a girl like me as I read these beautiful books and want to make everything in it, even though I do not have the correct ingredients and useful things like that, I carry on regardless. It can make for a messy business and tears at bedtime.

This was one of those times. It required pressed flowers, all I had was dried. It asked to use a long narrow candle pot, I used a sauce pan, and they also said be careful you don't burn yourself and I burnt myself. So what do you get? This:

Get ready for the nasty close up:

It looks like a stake from Buffy the vampire slayer. Ah well, they will take pride of place on the mantle piece. Only if anyone asks I will just say the kids in work made them for me.

To cheer myself up the next day, I found this wonderful fabric for next to nothing in a wee shop tucked away somewhere Big fella and I never been to before and I wanted to make another dress! Woohoo, Vivianne Westwood, look out love!
I even added a underline to it. But I am not showing you that and ruin the illusion OK? But be rest assured, there is underlining under that dress! I want to add some elastic thread weaving to the top half and some straps as well. Ohhh, just look at that glistening material.
Magpie mode. Ohhh! I love it. Mind you, haven't tried it on, it may be a pillow case yet!

I also wanted to get stuck into made some Mosaic pieces which I have never done before. I had an old roof slate, (don't ask) and bought some grout so I could make something.

I decided on keeping it simple and I hope this represents the full moon! I will let you see it when it is dry and I grout it. Maybe.

Oh, where did I get the pieces for the pattern? Well guess what? I used a old white plate for the moon and Dede, the rest is the remains of the blown up oven door! Yeah, every cloud and all that! Why did I keep the remains of a blown up oven door? That's another story!

I have also got to grips with paper mache. Love it! Have you seen this blog? OMG, go see, go see! This lady, Ann Wood, is amazing! She makes the most amazing, whimsical and magical gifts like wee birdies, owls, spiders, bats, and PIRATE SHIPS! These. are. to. die. for! Bless 'er she even does a tutorial on them! So I had to try and make one for myself!

Look! To help me on my way and inspire me, Big fella made this rope climb for it!

Ain't he great?

I have to add more sail and give it a good lick of paint.
Ann makes it look so easy. Let me tell you it is not! I am going to hang it by the window I think.
If it doesn't fall apart before then. I will show all when it is finished. When that will be I do not know. In fact you may not here of me again.
For on Thursday, I am completing a task on my thirty journey list and sleeping under the stars for a few days with the big fella. We are going camping. Big fella style. Talk of wolves, snakes and the killer bear of Clare county . (Which he totally failed, that is one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite movies The Great Outdoors. Epic film and you just don't mess with that.) It has my mind going over time. I have to keep reminding myself we are going to Wales, not the Amazon rain forest. I do also have to remember that we are sleeping in a tent, not a log cabin and I am never watching Blair Witch Project again.
I will post my farewell before long, hope all is well in your world!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your crafts all look great because ENTHUSIASM is the magic ingredient in all creativity! Have fun camping! Remember to take the tent poles (I speak from bitter experience).

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lot of goodness to see here! I like the way those candles came out. They definitely have charm. And they're a tribute to your admirable persistence despite the obstacles! That skirt is so lovely, too!

Thanks for sharing that link to Ann Wood. Wowee, I'd never been there! Gorgeous stuff. I LOVE your papier mache pirate ship!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so busy and so talented! Good luck with the camping! OMG I have loads of camping stories, lol, better keep them to myself till you've ticked it off your list though! Have fun xx

Dede said...

I love your candles Claire! They are very pretty, be proud to display them! The Mosaic piece is very cool, kudos to you! Try to enjoy your camping trip. Wishing you a wonderful week!