Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wish Cast Wednesday

How do you wish to bloom?
This is Jamie's wish cast question today.

I have not been feeling my self these days. I had a week off recently, much needed after a disastrous time in the work place and craved to be doing the things i loved. Taking photographs, meeting up with long lost friends, spring cleaning, and going outside to discover Spring.
But when I finally did get that time off, I did little. Very little. I do not know what it was, I had no desire to set foot outside, I rotted in the house, sometimes with big fella leaving the house in the morning only to find me sat in the same place exactly where he left me hours ago with a blank expression on my face and nothing but empty coffee mugs filling the place. I just wanted hugs off big fella. I couldn't even really blog, I kept on typing BLAH.

I started work again only to be in the same mood, not sad, not happy just blah. Blah, blah, blah. My only way to describe it. It was not until a dear friend took me aside and asked if everything was OK. "Yeah." was my reply, but really sounded more like a yawn. Then she asked " I have not upset you have I?" Oh no! I apologised immediately. I did not realise that my mood certainly effected others. I am also sure my face looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp. (I have been told that before.)

I felt awful that she felt it was her doing for my blah mood. I am determined to bloom, find my happy mood again and if I can't find it, at least smile once in a while. I guess we all have these blue moods, but I thought I had become pretty good at masking this mood in front of others. Until now. That was the kick up the bum I needed. I would not like to think at all I was upsetting others for my blahness. So I will bloom again. Slowly but certainly surely! I hope all is well in your world.


Julie Jordan Scott said...

As my Beloved Wishing Friend Wishes, I wish for her also....

And yes, I have been in very blue spots, very very very blue spots... and somehow staying in the flow of receiving love from others I somehow managed and eventually, right now, I thrived.

Grateful for your authenticity.


mxtodis123 said...

It is amazing how one person's mood can effect others. As a counselor, I try to leave home at home and work at work, but sometimes I am cranky when I go to work. We all get that way sometimes. I usually get called on it, but I have a miserable office mate who's cranky every day and it is hard sometimes not to let it rub off on me.

Judy said...

From what you say, I think you just need to veg out for a while...have you been doing too much...trying to take care of too many projects...burned yourself careful and give yourself time for yourself...

Sarah Sullivan said...

As Claire wishes for herself, I wish for her also!!
OMG just perfectly described my vacation last week...blah...I did all the work on the house purchase and seriously not a thing I had wanted to or planned to do. Felt just the same when work started again..blah and annoyed! Thank you for sharing this hon..I feel better just knowing I was not alone in this!
May we both bloom hon!!
Hugs and love, Sarah

Cindy said...

What you wish for Claire I wish for you also. I think we can all get so busy with life, that you just end up feeling run need those do nothing days. Now I know this sounds crazy but when I am feeling really blue, I smile at myself in the mirror and I either laugh or feel like a real nutbar. LOL. The bad days are so we really appreciate the good ones. Thanks for sharing with us. Now as for the bulldog chewing a wasp, thats a vision. hugs to you.

Karen D said...

As Claire wishes for herself, so I wish for her also. May you find yourself blooming out of your blue mood, and you are right I believe we all have these times in our lives.

Dede said...

As Claire wishes for herself, I so wish for her also.
I think we try to do so much and in our mind we should have no problem doing everything for everyone. We take no "me time" and then the blahs really set in and are hard to get gone. Get some rest and "me time" take the evening grab your camera and have fun. Spend an evening in that wonderful bath of yours. Make some of those mouth watering shortbread cookies of yours in your new oven. Does it have a door yet? LOL


Jess said...

Oh! I get like that and I'm so glad to hear your lovely friend made contact. It's so easy to let things drag you down and to lose motivation. Yay for blogging is all I can say! :o)xx

Bella Sinclair said...

Sometimes Blah is a welcomed guest, but he has the tendency to overstay his welcome. I read once that you can trick yourself into being happy just by smiling. All those facial muscles trigger a response in the brain, or something like that. Bloom, dear Claire. Do it in your own time and way, and know that we love you in any state.