Saturday, 27 March 2010

Wee Fish in a Huge Pond.....

Today was a very big day in our household as Big fella and I were given this amazing fish tank with stand and all the bits that goes with it, by some lovely relatives of big fellas. We must invite them round for tea in thanks! Such generosity! We are very grateful and hopefully the fish we live with will too! Because today is the day they are moving.

To be honest it was a bit cramped in their old home and they were being a wee bit neglected of late, not being cleaned enough by Big fella, you know, so they certainly deserved it! So I sat back while big fella cleaned the tank, (I had to take photos, this is a big day as I said) and prepared the big move for the fish.

We then filled the fish tank with the ill advised plan of running back and forth with huge pans filled with water. That was eventful to say the least.
Big Fella gently and expert like, popped them all into their new spacious ocean of a home.

After giving them all a wee bit of time to settle in their new spacious home, we went over to see how they were getting along so far. Big Eel came straight over.

" Plush! Woohoo! This is more like it!" he boomed. "I can see your ugly faces now. I thought I was living in a swamp in the other place it was so dirty, we couldnt see a thing!" (Cheek!)

I was just about to grab the fishing net for Big Eel, when I noticed Big Fella Goldfish hiding behind the rocks in the background.

"Big Fella Goldfish? Are you OK?" we asked him.

"No, I am not. I am awfully frightened, this place is so vast, so clean, I never knew what you two looked like before and it's all such a terrible shock....

I am all on my own behind this rock, I am very so unhappy!"
and with that, Big Fella Gold Fish sobbed and retreated behind his rock.
"This is terrible, we must ask the other fish to help him along" said Big Fella.
"Right, let's see what we can do!"

We called after the Wee Blue Striped Triplets, swimming and larking about at the other part of the fish tank.
"Boys, Big Fella Wee Fish is terribly frightened, would you go behind the rock and coax him out, you know he forgets after 15 seconds whenever spoken to by us."

No way! We are going to discover this new mansion! He will be alright, he is just daft! My, I have always wondered what you two looked like! I can see!"
"I am going under the Bridge, weeeeee!" and off they flew and swan around the tank laughing.

"Alright, Alright,I get it!" I cried."I never cleaned out the fish tank! I will clean up this fish tank every once in a while!" Big fella and all the fish nodded in approval.
"Back on to the task at hand please!" I huffed.
Soon enough, we spied our last chance for help, Mad Wee Fish!

Isn't he mad looking?
"Do us two a favour, say simply yes or no to this request and that will do!" I begged him.
"Will you go behind the rock to keep Big Fella Goldfish company as he is a wee bit frightened and overwhelmed in his new home?"

"Yes" And true to his word, he did. Big fella Gold fish was feeling a wee bit better and said he might be coaxed out if we gave him some food. As we were about to leave them, Wee Mad Fish called us back.
"You know, if you just get a plastic bag and rub it on the inside parts of the fish tank, the glass come's up sparkling, you know dear. I saw that on Kim and Aggie's 'How Clean is Your House?' This place is nice, I think we are going to like it here!"
Good, Wee Mad Fish, Good.


Kitty Deschanel said...

Aaw, this was a cute story!
Whatever you do, do NOT get a little crab for your tank! We used to have one but moved him to his own tank after he murdered a few fish (he actually pulled one of the goldfish into the castle and cut it completely in half!!!)

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Lucky fishies!

Gemel said...

Oh how wonderful for the wee fish, they will love their new home, so much room to swim for them, bless their little hearts.

Rudee said...

I hope they like their new home. How many trips did it take to fill the tank?

Sarah Sullivan said...

Giggle crack me up hon...I do enjoyed that...I really did..ya wanna write a story and let me doodle the pictures..of course you could do that too as you are a brilliant artist..but oh how fun to doodle the angry fish...loved it hon!
Hugs and love, Sarah