Friday, 19 March 2010

Oh, what a palava!

Hi everyone! How are things with you all? I missed you! I am so sorry I have not posted but I have been having major problems with my trusty laptop. Basically I think I was being nosy git Claire, delving into computer drives which I have no idea about, pressed any button that took my fancy and wiped out most of my programs including Internet connection. That a girl! So until some coins of silver, preferably gold, cross my palms, the laptop will not speak to me. At all. I will apologise when we are back in contact.

So, how did I get to typing on my blog now? Well, on big fella's computer of course. Unfortunately this laptop is ready for the scrap heap. It takes 20 minutes to load up and sounds like a aeroplane taking off, and the screen is being held up by a can of baked beans behind it to hold it up. The disk drive is working no more meaning I can not even put pictures on my blog and the one USB holder is for the Internet dongle which big fella regrets ever getting, so no pictures available.
So stick on your seat belts, this is gonna be one rambling post of drivel people!

Any road, I am here now and I am thankful I have this laptop. (I am scared the laptop will know what I just written before hand and turned it self off in revenge. Trust me, it happened before!)

So, I finally had a very dodgy laptop that sometimes would not turn back on for ages (I wanted to put it in the sleep mode constantly, but I know Al Gore would have a fit and find me) and some blogging back logging to be done!

So with anticipation, I logged on my blog, eager to get back in the swing of things and say howdy do! Terror filled me when a warning badge flashed before me saying not to go any further as a security certificate for this blog expired and basically because it was flashing fire engine red, I took that to be something terrible would happen. This has been happening for about a week now and would not let me on anyones blog either! Everyday I would log on only to find the flashing warning sign not to enter blogland. Oh cripes, I thought, what have I done now? I did not want to break this "amazing laptop" too.

So expelled from blogger I have been sitting glumly missing you all, not knowing what I done wrong or what to do about it. To pass the time non blogging I decided to fix the date and time on this laptop as it was living in 2001 and the time was six hours late. It was making me feel like I was in Alice in Wonderland!

Guess what, with the time and date corrected, problem solved! Let the blogging commence. Minus photos, sorry. As Alice said"what is a story without pictures?" DRIVEL. Sorry about that, oh and if your wondering, I have not seen Alice in wonderland in the cinema nor Avatar. Yep, I am that kinda person "Oh, I will wait until it comes out on DVD" and then when the hype is all over I am the one raving about it when everyone else is sick of it. I really need to go to the cinema.

I also have a thing about Johnny Depp in scary looking roles, I just like plain old feast for the eye Johnny Depp acting all cool and sensitive. My needs are simple. Edward Scissors Hands is my cut off point. (really bad pun#45)

Anyway, it would seem that the correct time of date freed the blogger curse and I am back! Yipppee! Well I gotta go, the computer is starting to over heat and those tin of baked beans holding up the screen are my dinner! I also can't handle no photographs in my posts, I go WAY of the beaten track. Bye bye for now, hope all is well in your world!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Gawd, we are such slaves to technology, aren't we? And when it breaks down, we're lost . . . LOST! I hope Wee Doggie can get his faery friends to bring you a new laptop.

Rue said...

Lol - Claire - sounds like another adventure for you, but not of the doggie or fairy kind! Computers can be horrid things, can't they? I should be careful, lest this one crash now!

Glad to hear from you though. And enjoy your beans!

Sarah Sullivan said...

Seriously..I was about to email you hon...I was wondering if you were ok!!So glad it was only computer problems and not you..although the computer problems are a pain in the ass!! so sorry! I wish I could say that I did not giggle as you described your are funny girl!
Anyway..have been thinking of you and VERY happy you are back..with or without pictures!!
Hugs and love, Sarah

Rudee said...

Good luck getting things all straightened out. It sounds frustrating!

Dede said...

So glad to see you back Claire! So sorry to hear about your computer. Computer problems suck!


Bridgett said...

I've missed you too!

Hope all your laptop issues have resolved once and for all. :)

p.s. I had to laugh about the baked beans. LOL