Sunday, 21 March 2010

A magical weekend and a request......................

On Friday after work, I took advantage of the growing days and went for an adventure around the area I work. This is sadly quite a deprived part of the city and it is such as shame to see once grand and huge houses and buildings left to crumble away. As I walked around, I noticed these buildings, although and boarded up and forgotten, were magnificent, beautiful and had such care and dedication put into the designs. Then I came across this:

Isn't this amazing? Such a gorgeous place. It is for sale, and if I had a pot of gold I would certainly buy it and restore it to its former glory and try use it for something positive in the community. Its like a fairytale house!

Last night the moon hung low and brooding in the sky and I had a moon gaze welcoming the spring.

Isn't she just grand?

Today was glorious and I got up early, kissed big fella goodbye and went off on a Spring jaunt!

I walked along a pathway where the ivy was reclaiming its reign

and the flowers showed off their beautiful petals to the sunlight

and the buds from trees woke up and are soaring towards life as leaves

The pathway was lined with strange twisting cheery blossom trees just waiting to show off their beautiful coat of blossom blooms

Ivy branches forever reaching for all parts of trees

Alongside the long winding twirling path, there were quaint little churches and cottages with a vast array of weather vanes

Suddenly there was a wee piece of grass land with budding bulbs

and lovely wee bouquets

and in the centre, a strong tree with ivy coating the trunk and bark

I was just about to leave when something caught the corner of my eye. Tucked away by the tree and flowers was a strong root bending into a arch way before plunging back down into the earth.
Just like that, I found a fairy mount.

I had such a lovely weekend, Spring has arrived and it doesn't get much better than that for me! I really hope you enjoyed yours too!
By the way have you met our new pet?

VENUS! The er, Venus fly trap.

It was big fella's birthday recently and after buying a couple of things that were for him but I was really thinking of me type of presents. ( A Kaleidoscope, and a Jim'll Fix it Badge) I bought what he has always wanted, a Venus fly trap. I think it is a boy thing, fly, wings, cavernous plant and all that. He loved it and I was really glad i got it for him and all was well. Expect now we are getting a bit freaked out by it. I keep expecting it to cry out "FEED ME! FEED ME!! or start singing Rocky Horror showtunes. It is growing a alarming rate and ate a huge spider yesterday which was not my fault, big fella and his even bigger brother hunted it down and fed it. I took no part at all. I just started muttering about all creatures great and small and "you don't mess with nature!" quote which fell on deaf ears.
Then tonight, no word of a lie, a even bigger spider walked across from where I am sitting and is just sitting there, staring at me. Now, I am not afraid of spiders but I know what this big mama wants. Revenge. Justice. I hope she heard me saying about all creatures great and small. Big fella is going to freak out when he gets home for he, my friends, is very scared of spiders, bless him. I thought it was quite cute when we first met and displayed some perfect opportunities for some mischief for me to get up to throughout the years we have been together. Good times.
If I don't post again, avenges was dealt, and the spider ate us, that or this ruddy computer breaks down again. It will not let me cut and paste uploaded pictures, so I had to resort to pressing the dreaded Edit HTML button. Don't even ask about the underlining at the start. Stumped!I done it though! Woohoo! I should whoop, I been here fiddling about with this post all night!
To round up this over long post I would like to ask you if you would honour me by going on an adventure in the near future with Wee doggie and Big fella and myself in honour of Renee who we were so saddened to learn about. Her encouragement and praise about my adventures always lifted my heart beyond words, and I grew to really love writing them with Renee in mind. I think it would be only fitting to do a fun filled adventure filled with the love magic and laughter that Renee excelled in, in all manners of ways.
I will miss her so and I am relieved that she is no longer in pain. Her family are a amazing unit of love and strength and I am thinking of them at this sad time. So please, won't you please join in an adventure to celebrate the life of Renee, the wonderful gypsy warrior, for am I'm sure she would be the first to say yes.
Here comes Monday yet again.....................
Bye bye for now!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh dear. Big Fella may regret having the Venus fly trap if it sets off Armageddon: Revenge of the Spiders!

An adventure in honour of Renee would be the perfect way to memorialize her loving heart and spirit! I look forward to reading all about it!

Rudee said...

The Fairy house is beautiful.

Unknown said...

Loved all these photos, especially the house. That's the bed and breakfast I would love to own, and share it's story with the guests. Very cool.
And Renee, jeez, what a strange world this blog world is.
I didn't know her at all, except for her blog and comments we shared.
I'm shocked at how sad I felt when I read here tonight about her, a woman I never met.

Rue said...

The castle-house is divine. I'm sure you would make a beautiful place out of it! (Sending pleas to the lottery fairies for you...)

Looking forward to your next adventure with the wee doggie in honour of Renee.

Eeek - with the Venus Fly Trap! *Shiver* I just could not feed it!

Suburban Girl said...

That place for sale...Oh I would love to see inside!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Happy birthday to Big Fella! YAY!

Wow, that old house is fantastic! I always had a dream of fixing up a beautiful old house like that. They don't build them like that anymore.

And wow, I'm so impressed with your photo of the moon! I can see the craters and all!

What a wonderful idea to go on an adventure for Renee. She will be joining us, I'm sure, and loving every minute of it.

Thanks for the walk, Claire!