Thursday, 5 November 2009

Sirens and Swashbucklers!

Some time ago,my new friends, the gulls told me a secret to thank me for feeding them some bread. As they flew all around me they sang,

"When the mist over the water, slowly rolls in from the east, the ghostly pirates are celebrating to music, dance and feast!"

One rainy day in November, a mist came over the water, and that, according to gull legend, must mean the pirates were coming tonight!

I waited in the safe cocoon of my room and watched as the mist turn the day into night letting monster and crocodile clouds swallowed the sky

and I made my way down to the sea front.
Magically lights were drawn above me leading the pathway

and suddenly a flash of amazing red hair dived by the sea front.

but I could not see what it was.
Further down the path I saw a shining circle of spinning light,
which seemed to come to life!

and a trail of fairy dust seem to emerge
and a fairy flew rapidly around in front of me

which had started to make me dizzy!
She whispered in my ear,

"Can you hear the mermaids song, look out in the water, it shall not be long!"

I glimpsed a faint whisper of a mermaid diving into the deep through the ghostly mist

and the faint mummer of a song could be heard in the distance.

I saw a mermaid dive high up into the air, laughing with delight

and then the sky was alive with mermaids raising up into the sky singing and diving into the sea.

a mermaid dived through the water, her electric white hair blinding me.

Suddenly she rose up, showing the ghostly glowing pirates behind her, walking over the water.

The surrounded me, and I began to become afraid, until the fairy flew in front of my face and said they were welcoming me!
she circled me with fairy dust to protect my fears
and we all danced all night!

Alas late into the wee hour, it was just too much with all that dancing, wine and song and I made my way home. As I turned around the mist covered the scene like a cloak, taking the music, lights and laughter. I looked up into the silent sky,

to see a shooting star.

and soon the clouds broke to produce morning.
I made my way wearily up the stairs to go to bed as I was partied out, and looked out the window to see the last pirate ship sailing into the circle of light to be sunk into their under water world once again.
as I turned around to head for bed, I noticed this bowl of goodies,

the pirates have left me my very own treasure trove!Oh aren't they a lovely bunch of.......Oh my God? How did they get in here?!?

So, next time your outside, have a good listen next time you feed the birds, you never know what they might tell you!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've never thought of mermaids as being fiery before, but of course it is perfect! Wonderful story!

Renee said...

Oh Claire this was pure magic and served up just the way I like it.

You have a beautiful collection of shells, I love sea urchins and I think I see one at the back.

Love Renee xoxo

Barry said...

If it weren't for the cast iron photographic evidence, I would have thought you'd made all of this up.

But how could I argue with these incredible photos?

Rue said...

A lovely story - wish I'd had a spot o' rum with all those pirates and mermaids!


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Those photo's are brillinat. You can certainly tell a story hen! Great.

Shell said...

I will listen to all my friends when I go out: the sparrows, pigeons, geese and robins to see what wisdom they will pass on to me.
You did get a lovely pirate treasure.

Bridgett said...

So creative you are, love!