Tuesday, 11 August 2009

You know there one where your comments come back to taunt you?

Today, I had a very good day in work, everything running smoothly, everybody happy and smiling (Well, nearly everybody, I was any way.) and I got off early. Bonus! (Oh, how very Bill and Ted of me.) Today is a good day! I danced home with my earphones on, popped the key in the door and smiled. Home. My plan was a afternoon of blog time and coffee drinking. I had already decided this around 11am this morning.

In the hallway there was a letter, addressed to Mr Big Fella. So, as I am known to lose letters, (only the once, but there was murder.) I left Big fellas letter for him to pick up and heaved myself up those bloody stairs.

Kettle brewing, and computer on (but no biscuits. Disappointing. And no Big Fella. Not so disappointing)
I grabbed my cuppa and settled down for a bit a blogging R+R. One of the first blogs I read was the lovely Alicia in which her post was entitled Procrastination Inoculation. Now, I knew of the word procrastination, Big Fella uses it all the time. "Claire, stop procrastinating!" in which I would return with the very mature reply "Whatever! Back to point,I said I will do it later! OK?" (W hand gesture fully included of course.)

I read her wonderful witty post, (no, I am not going to type it out, read it yourself, that's why I linked it. I did link didn't I? Oh, I'll do it later.)
I realised this is me! Ah, so that's what Big fella means! I will write out my comment back to her though as it will hopefully serve its purpose to this sorry tale.

Comment in Italics, yes italics, I found the button. Eventually. So I have to show off.

"I always wanted to know what that word meant, and that is me down to a tee! There are in front of me right now, two letters that needed to be posted last week, a very untidy table and a empty cup of coffee! I cant even make myself another one! Don't even start me on the house work! I do love ticking of a list of things to do though. When i can be bothered to write it!"

Just as I pressed send button, I heard Big fellas big feet thundering up the stairs. (and that's him tip toeing). As he walked in, I saw the letter in his hand as he opened it. "Did you pay the council tax bill?" "Yyyyyyeeeeeessssss...................."I replied shaking my head. I completely forgot about it.That's one my bills. It was paid, just inside the envelope, getting dog eared on the table in front of me. Ends up, the people at the tax office frown upon this it would seem and slapped us with court summons and a bill for £700.00. To be honest I didn't even read the letter I just saw in bold, our names, court date and the one that turn my blood to ice, pay immediately. ( I found bold button too.)

I got very upset, to say the least. We can not afford it. I have a great fear of something like this happening, everything slipping, like a thread unravelling the tapestry of your life. I have seen it happen many times in my line of work, and it can be swift, bewildering and increditability harsh, putting me in the acute knowledge that it could anytime happen to us.

Big fella and me, are just about keeping our heads above the choppy waters financially, as I know many of you are in that same situation. We must hold on tight I guess. We have to.

I also don't like the idea of court,I have seen Judge Judy, she is bloody terrifying! The whole subject left me mortifying as well. I had dragged big fella into this too, I couldn't believe court was involved. I have never gotten in this situation before, and my heart broke for any one who has to read a letter like that posted through their door.

I calmed down slightly taking a moment to ponder on that thought. I was starting to get confused. I would never let myself get into a situation like that if I could ever help it. There was no reminder letter, no red letter reminder, and it was just out of the blue. I decided there was nothing to do but ring them tomorrow (No procrastation there, the office closes at 1pm on a Tuesday. As you do.)

In the meantime, procrastination was not going to be my middle name anymore. After some tender words and hugs from big fella, telling me it would be alright, (he is the greatest big fella alive) I cleaned up that scrubby table and the rest, did laundry, wrote a list and ticked it off, including changing all my accounts to direct debit and paid any remaining bills I could.

Now I am here telling you with red rimmed, bloodshot eyes, shaky hands and a huge frizz bomb on my head. I was a given a diffuser hairdryer by a very thoughtful friend. Diffusers are weapons! I have never had hair like it, I am swaying to and fro as I type this with the weight of the bomb, but I secretly love it! My new choice of weapon is a diffuser. I never thought I would hear myself say that.

I am so lucky to have big fella, he is lovely jubbly! He told me to get a hold of my cacks (means trousers. My dad says it all the time)and calm down, just read the letter properly and it will all be sorted tomorrow, he will go down with the letter and pay it first thing. I am a procrastating pillock.

As big fella shooed away my sniffles, we had a moment.

"You do make life very hard for yourself Claire."

"Is that what procrastination means, Big fella?" I was all muffled because my face was all squashed by his belly with a hug. Behave yourself, we were standing, that's how tall he is, and I am very small.

"In a way, Claire, in a way..........................."

Right, I am away to write my list of things to do for tomorrow, with big tick box included, but i might use gold stars instead. I will also go and finally read that letter I tried unsuccessfully to burn and go over it properly calmly and rationally. With big fella hugs on stand by.


Dawn Marie Howard said...

aww you gots some virtual hugs for me too!!

Holly said...

I, too, want to hug Big Fella for doing the right thing. Now, Missy, hop to and begin doing the right thing for yourself...and ultimately for the two of you. Are you still here??? What are you waiting for?

Cindy said...

Glad you have mr. big Fella, my husband is the calming one in our relationship...lately this summer I have been procrastinating alot...oh well if I wait long enough I will forget what i should have done, right. Take care. Big hug.

Dede said...

Awe you have a good man. I do find that my "to do" list do work for me. What doesn't get finished today for whatever reason, is the first thing to be done the following day. I know everything will work out for you.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm glad everything worked out. Your post reminds me of that old saying, "Experience is a harsh teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson afterwards." But that's probably why "Experience is the best teacher"! I'm just full of old sayings tonight, aren't I? Well, full of something, anyway!

Rose said...

Aw Honey! I have been there... Direct debits are the way forward...

Rudee said...

We are our own worst enemies where procrastination is involved. The only area I don't procrastinate is with my work. I turn paperwork in on time so it doesn't linger to haunt me. Hate. That.

You'll get this settled and I'm sure you'll learn the lesson of this story.


Hello, I just stopped by and wanted to leave a comment to say how much I've enjoyed reading your posts. I've learnt so much today ! Your photographs are beautiful and I've had such fun looking around your website.

Thank you for sharing your writing and your thoughts and best wishes !

SunTiger said...

On the positive side (I'm an expert tea leaf reader) your cup-photo suggests that without a doubt you have a great deal of insurmountable LOVE happening in your near future.


Anonymous said...

Gee whiz. I'm the same way about bills, letters, and stuff. I just leave them somewhere where someone else can deal with them (hopefully). Diffusers are the devil. It turns my hair into a white-girl afro. Not cool.

I hope everything gets settled, love from Texas!

Anonymous said...

This recession is hitting us all hard and we had hoped it wouldn't. The councils aren't sympathetic even though they know they should be giving leniency (sp) to those of us who are struggling. Financial situation getting a bit dire here too, blogging about it in next few days - more of a rant really!!

Big hugs to you,
CJ xx

Dede said...

Hi Claire I left something for you on my blog. You so deserve it!