Sunday, 26 July 2009

Tom Cruise, I am jumping on that sofa with ya!

Well peeps, hows your weekend treating you? Very well I hope! I have been gob smacked yet again in blog land by receiving two awards by ladies I am most proud to be associated with. That fact they even read my blog AND comment on it leaves me humbled and all gooey like!

Audrey (if you do not know this woman's name, you have not lived in blog land, in fact, stop reading this and link! If I haven't linked properly as per usual find her on my followers. Don't judge me! She's the picture that looks like action woman on the parachute. If that is not incentive enough, I don't know what is!) Anyway, Audrey lifts my day with her posts and I actively search (stalk) my reading list for them. Her Friday shoot outs are fantastic! Check out her latest one on reflections! Not a better tribute to them! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Audrey, honoured to be receiving the award from you!
Oh my God, Oscars moment! (Breathe Claire, Breathe). Isn't this a beautiful award? It is entitled Mental duck to mental swan. Though just plain old mental would have fit me down to a tee! Now, this enchanting piece of bling was bestowed on me by a wonderful lady called Sarah. (Once again, link please!) This is a special award that I am not allowed to pass on, (honestly, Sarah said so!) and that she gives out once in a blue moon.

WOW. Bowled over, smacked in the face with a frying pan, YAHHHHHH! In other words, a heart filled thank you! Now I know how Tom Cruise felt when nobody got why he was jumping on the sofa with Oprah. Nothing wrong with that, I am doing it now! I better stop though, I may break it, and I just told lovely land lady about the oven, oh, and the leak in the ceiling, but not about the crack in the bathroom mirror from me tightening the screws in to the wall too tight. Oops!

I have received these wonderful awards and felt I had to honour them. I got a kreative blog from Audrey for heavens sake and the most creative I have been recently is sitting on my arse and moaning! So, Rolf Harris eat your heart out son!
I started drawing circles (takes up a lot of page space so you don't have to draw as much)
Started doodling oddling, (whatever that means)
and came up with a sort of pirates theme.
I doodled away until I came up with this.

So this is for you, Audrey and Sarah, my way of saying thank you back, you have made my blogging day!


Anonymous said...

Oh Claire. You are a crazy girl, you are! In the best possible way! I LOVE your blog so much - you have such an amazing sense of humor. I loved your line about "just mental would have been enough!" Too funny!

And...why did you not tell me that you were also a world famous artist? Your drawings are FANTASTIC. And you are right - they do take up a lot os space on the page - now THAT is clever!

Keep writing, so I can keep laughing. You are very healing for me. In some weird, crazy..kind of frightening kind of way! LOL

Sarah Sullivan said...

LOL ...Oscar moment!! - wow now I'm jumpin on the couch..I would prefer Gerard Butler to join me though if that is ok...giggle.
You sooo deserve this hon and it was a pure joy to give it to you!! Mental whatever...I love your sense of humor and am blessed to have found you!!!
Hugs, Sarah

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your awards. I am excited for you. Take care.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

As usual, Claire, I am roflol in a good way! Your posts always enlighten me and make me laugh out loud to the point that my dear hubs thinks I am crazy. I could just see you with this little evil eye jumping on the sofa like a little girl getting away with murder (see the landlady comment!)
Congratulations to you...very well deserved. Your circles, my dear, are not circles..they are pure art! I believe I am seeing a new shop on the horizon??? Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Well deserved awards, you have a great blog.

CJ xx

Renee said...

To me that is not just a doodle it is art.

I love it.

Renee xoxo