Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A wonderful surprise!

My word, what a week! I am feeling tons better, thanks for all the lovely thoughts and emails, they helped me loads! Well despite being unwell and my computer taking a life of its own, I am thinking of calling her Kit, I was spoiled rotten for my birthday! I got the most thoughtful cards and gifts, including a camera! Yea! (on reflection, I think I moaned about it a bit about one, I blame all your beautiful pictures on your blog) but unfortunately Kit is refusing to download pictures,(letting you know after twenty minutes of staring at the screen waiting) I think she is jealous of new camera. I will defeat this! The best part was today! I won a treat! I swear, I must have looked at the email about 30 times going "no, no, really, no!" ( God love whoever was looking in my window)
The wonderful Sarah, from Cottage Garden Studio, has drawn a beautiful piece art called Witchy Kitty and has made me smile from head to toe! I am soooooo happy! Thank you, Thank you Thank you! I really had a lovely day, but, I must continue my quest for uploading satisfaction, I must not fail! Hope you are all well, Ta rah!