Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wish Casting Wednesday

I am stumbling across some lovely new blogs and friends! Here is another gem. Jamie from starshyne productions has a lovely post called Wish Casting Wednesday and this weeks one is What do you wish to read? Well, I love books and trawl all over my dog ear pages to relight the rush of being swept up into a story, until you quite forget where you are and daydreaming and inspirations takes shape! I remember one book, (unfortunately not the title, but that just adds to the mystery! I think so anyway) that was lying around the house for ages, peeping at you while you are tidying up, just to be stuffed somewhere to make the place pleasant. Well, I have to admit, the cover put me off! I would not touch it! It just looked tacky and not my cup of tea at all, until one day I picked it up, sat down and didn't move until it was finished! I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. Although that book was probably left behind, or sitting in a charity shop somewhere, it was one of the stories I remember because it kept my bum on the chair! It's a shame when I'm looking forward to a good read only to find I cant get into it! I was such a book cover snob! So the moral of the story kids.............................. Never judge a book by it's cover! What do you wish to read?