Friday, 10 April 2009

We are going to need a bigger boat.

DADADDAMUMUM! (thats the jaws sound track, if you please.) DAMAMAMUMUM!

Unfortunately, despite our hardest efforts, three of the four goldfish, have already died. We are actually quite gutted about this, as we asked many shops for advice, and I have researched thoroughly on the Internet, but alas, in vain. All gone.......expect for one. This one is swimming about, very happy in his new space, and he even has red eyes and you don't mess with anything with red eyes! Here's hoping he's not just the last one to go. Personally, I think it could be the water. In my bath tub their is two unsightly looking watermarks along the bottom where the water drips from the taps and it is due to high copper content and are murder to get off. (Tip of the day, add add bio of soda an half cream of tartar. Rub well into stain, and only if necessary, lightly use a pumice stone. And tighten your taps!). So it looks like we have to get a filter, which is a bummer as i needed dirty fish water for my plants, but I could not let wee fishies die for it. Here's hoping ole jaws here will save the day and surprise us all. I will keep you posted. It's been emotional.

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