Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Ancient Fairy World Adventure!

Hello! Well, Big fella, Wee doggie and I have been on another adventure! Oh boy, was it eventful!

After bumping into Wee Doggie coming out The Dog House gentleman's club, he asked us to come have a cup of tea with him in his house. Big fella and I exchanged a giddy look, knowing we always end up on a fantastic adventure!

In fact, when there, I got so excited, I began jumping up and down and giggling. Without a word, Wee doggie looked at me...
Muttered to Big Fella, " Did you have to bring her?"

and walked back out the front door.

"Come on, we better get on with an adventure then! To the car!!" Wee doggie cried!
In the car, Wee doggie, as usual, looked out the window and barked orders

"Turn left, up there, thats Tiger Print Alley!"

or "Go right round the bend through Sunshine street!"

"Straight ahead old boy! That's it!"
Wee doggie suddenly became quiet, stared out the window and sighed. "I nearly wasn't going to bring you two to this adventure. We have to be right on time, for what we are about to see only happens once in decades, a time for humans like yourselves to visit the ancient fairy world!Now, let it be known that, although the fairies permit our visit, they will not show themselves, you know with Youtube and twitter, all that. It was cause a scandal!"
"But, I must warn you although the fairies will welcome you, something may not!"
"This one adventure has a difference. You both must keep up with me........................or else!"
"A bit faster if you please", he said to big fella,
"I don't want the scraggy wood spider to get there before us!"
Before we could ask what he meant, the road began to end and wee doggie was barking to us to get to get out and run!We ran down a long lane,

which kept getting longer!!!

Eventually,we ran across fields of green grass with me falling behind......

so much so that Big Fella and Wee doggie were waiting!

"Hurry up, we are running out of time!" they cried! Soon woodland covered us, but Wee doggie ran ahead shaking his head shouting "We must find the rain drop to open the way to the ancient fairy world, or we are in big trouble!!!"
We ran to him, but he buried his head,
"Oh No!" he cried, "It's too late! We are in scraggy wood!"
Suddenly, the sun disappeared, the leaves withered and died, and branches twisted and turned towards us
and huge branches curved and grew out of the now parched dusty ground into.......

Scary spider of Scraggy wood!!!

Wee doggie sprung in action. " RUN FOR IT!!!!!"
Run we did! Up the ways......

down the ways.....

All the ways! What a scary spider! Suddenly wee doggie stopped! " Oh thank Lassie!" He cried!
Look! The Rain drop opening!"
The raindrop fell before our eyes, the spider coming behind us ran to the darkness, covered by a beautiful light shone through the trees and they grew and flourished,

and rose tall and high into the sky....
and came bending down towards us............
to make a beautiful sunlit archway, walking into the ancient fairy land!

Oh,It was magical! We walked through enchanting gardens,
and saw the beautiful statues throughout the grounds
Wee doggie showed us the majestic All Seasons Tree the fairies live by,
Of course, we had to be quiet and respectable! Fairies don't appreciate human squeals of delight, dreadful for their ears.
We walked by mystical waterfalls with glistening clear water, splashing sounds of children's laughter.We went over the fairy bridge and underwater way,

until all too soon, we walked back to were we started, thinking had we danced through a dream.
When we got home, we thanked Wee Doggie once again for a most amazing if a bit scary, adventure! How amazing was that? We bid Wee doggie good bye until another day, and just as I thought it all really was a dream, I noticed some leaves on Big Fella's coat...........
Fairies do exist!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What an adventure! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I especially like the Fairies' All Season Tree. And "Oh thank Lassie" -- LOL! Hugs to you, the Big Fella and the Wee Doggie.

Unknown said...

You...are...a...nut! Love that story and some beautiful photos too.

Holly said...

Oh, Dear One, I so appreciate the time it takes you to spin the adventure for us so that we can go with you. It's always such a wonderful way to spend some of my time. Hugs to you, today!